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Working Remotely? These 6 Accelo Integrations Can Improve Your Experience

By Christa Balingit
Marketing Communications Manager
Mar 26 2020 read

Working remotely has become a more popular, viable option among businesses even before these trying times. With employees navigating through this unknown and new territory, it can easily become overwhelming. However, there are a wide variety of online tools available to keep team members informed, up-to-date, and connected without being in the same physical place. Accelo’s entire platform is focused on providing businesses and individuals with an accurate, holistic view of what’s happening in the company. In a previous blog post, we shared how Accelo can help remote professional service businesses maximize efficiency. We realize, though, that employees have their favorite tools to work with, which is why we created integrations with the ones that matter the most to you.

Below we’re going to share six popular Accelo integrations and how it can help make your work from home experience a seamless and positive one.

1) Office365 

The Accelo + Office365  integration is a popular one - and for good reason. With a whopping 180 million monthly active users on Office365, it’s clear that the tool has become a fan favorite for businesses. Accelo’s Office365 integration helps team members accomplish more by syncing all of their work automatically. Specifically, teams have the ability to sync their calendar, contacts, tasks and email with Accelo. As a result, employees have all of the information they need in one place, which decreases in the amount of time spent hunting down project updates. 

When an employee goes on PTO, the rest of the team can rest easy knowing they have access to the information they need to continue moving a project forward. There’s no longer a need to message anyone or go through old email threads while they’re out of town. Manage your clients and your team better and more efficiently with the Accelo + Office365 integration. 

2) G-Suite 

Teams leverage Accelo’s G-suite integration to centralize communications and manage resources. Users can move between their Gmail and Accelo account through their daily activities, and they can rest easy knowing that all of the information will be captured and stored. Additional features included the integration of calendar events, contact information, and email. You can also install a Gmail add-on to connect quicker. 

This helps reduce the confusion and time spent that comes with switching between platforms. By integrating the two, you’ll now have the option of getting all of the information you need in one place. If you’re looking for additional ways to leverage this integration, you can watch our Best Practices Webinar: Accelo and G Suite [Webinar Video]

3) Zapier

While Accelo can integrate with a majority of common tools, there are a few that we aren’t able to sync up with quite yet. In these cases, the easy way to connect these tools is through Accelo’s Zapier integration. A popular use case is to connect Slack and Accelo through Zapier. By doing this, you’ll have a much easier time posting updates in a specific Slack Channel. For example, if you assign a co-worker a specific task, such as updating a report or sending out a weekly update to the team, the message will be sent through Slack, which increases the chances the individual will see it. Ultimately, taking the time to set up the Zaps (an automated workflow meant to move data between apps) will help save time in the long run and automate a process that would otherwise turn into wasted time. 

We provide step-by-step instructions in this blog post on how to connect your Slack and Accelo accounts through Zapier. 

4) Xero

This two-way integration makes accounting so much easier. Accounting firms that invest in implementing smart technology into their strategy have learned double the average revenue per client. Not all smart technology is the same, though. Accelo’s Xero integration offers a variety of benefits, including the organization of customer data. This means all relevant customer information needed is imported into both Accelo and Xero. Additionally, invoicing is made simple. Rather than spending hours trying to manually create or update an invoice, this integration allows you to sync items, accounts, and tax codes quickly and accurately. 

The Xero integration was created to help accounting teams work smoothly and efficiently. Invoicing is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their value and accomplishments to their clients. It shouldn’t take hours of time, though. Let Accelo’s Xero integration do the work so employees can manage the work that truly brings value to the business.

The 6 Best Xero App Integrations

5) Hubspot

As one of the most popular Marketing Automation platforms around, we knew that creating an Accelo + Hubspot integration would benefit our customers immensely. By connecting the two platforms, there’s the opportunity to link all marketing efforts into Hubspot with ongoing client work that’s being completed in Accelo. Specifically, this integration allows users to automatically sync updates made from Accelo back into Hubspot, synchronize online lead information from Hubspot while continuing individual outreach in Accelo, and record key actions in both platforms, resulting in accurate visibility into client service operations. 

Companies and contacts are pulled from Hubspot to Accelo, so you can continue running services operations, which includes sales management, projects work, invoices, and more. As a result, Hubspot users can extend their services beyond a sale and use Accelo to get insights into where leads come from. Leveraging both platforms ensures all touchpoints are covered, and there’s a plan in place to nurture contacts after they become a customer. 

6) QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is favored among accounting teams and used by 7 million users worldwide. It's easy to understand why. The platform is well-known and popular for its simplified approach to financial management. The Accelo integration makes the process even easier by syncing invoices and payments between the two accounts. A few additional features include importing customers and invoices from QuickBooks Online, customizing sync preferences, and recording payments. 

Financial management doesn't have to be overwhelming. The integration helps consolidate the information your team needs to succeed. It's easy to track client work and gives an updated view of what's happening in the business. Learn more about how you can connect your QuickBooks account to Accelo today

These integrations will make you feel just as connected with your team members as if you were sitting right next to them in the office. These aren’t the only platforms Accelo syncs with - check out our Integrations page for more! Not an Accelo user yet? Start your free trial today


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