You Asked, We Delivered - Better Timesheets!

By Hugh
Jan 23 2012 read

One of our passions at Accelo is ensuring that time is recorded in a meaningful way - against a particular activity for a client. A key reason for this is when it comes time to bill your clients you can be confident in invoicing for the time that has gone against those issues, jobs or contracts. As our client base grows we've learnt a couple of lessons about the way people work:

  1. Professionals work out of their email a lot.
  2. Professionals look after their clients and work first, and timesheets second.

These factors have helped us re-design the Work screen - effectively the timesheet screen - so that you can go back in time and log work easily and see the email conversations you had that day, which will help you log that past time more accurately.

The new and improved Work screen can be accessed as before - by clicking the Work button from the top navigation menu.

Timesheet Graph

This is a new feature at the top of the screen which illustrates how many hours you have logged over the last 7 days - so you can quickly identify days where you missed some hours.

Click on a day to see the breakdown of items that you worked on - issues, jobs, prospects and more. Your diaries will be nested under items in the My Activity list.

See ALL your activity for a previous day

Besides seeing work that was logged using a diary note, you'll also see email conversations and meetings that occured on that day, nested under the record they relate to - such as a component for a job. This is super-handy for those who do a lot of work via their email. You can simply use this activity list like a timesheet to quickly add some billable hours for those conversations or create a follow-up diary!

Log past time for Tasks too!

Not only can you add/update past hours for your diaries and emails, you can also log past work against any of your overdue, scheduled or suggested tasks on the right-hand side of the screen.

And a bonus feature is the ability to mark a task as complete from this screen too!



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