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You'd Never Recommend Clunky Technology, So Don't Run Your Business With It

May 14 2019 read

Technology that might have helped your business make successful strides years ago could be hindering your operations today. As an IT company, you would never advise your clients to implement old and clunky technology, so why continue running your business this way?

Your clients and the work that you do for them is the soul of your business. Instead of settling for outdated technology that hasn't evolved with the times, put your clients first! Make sure that your platform does more than focus solely on managing tickets, but streamlines your day-to-day efforts so that you can allocate your time and energy into the work that you love doing:

1. Ease of Automation: Eliminate the administrative, manual strain out of your day-to-day. With a modern platform, help free up more time by leveraging automated tools, so that you can focus on nurturing your client relations.

2. Easily Access Your Client Database: Do you constantly find yourself spending hours going through files and emails to locate important client work and information? With a comprehensive platform, all the work you're doing is recorded and organized, making it easy to find the relevant information. With a quick search of the client, you can find their company overview page to get a high-level pulse check on this particular client.

3. Get a Real-Time View of All Your Activities: Manage and track all of your team and client communications in one place. With a Stream, you can see the chronological capture of all the client-related activities and communications. So, whenever a colleague is sick, on vacation, or out of the office, you can easily pop in and handle communications while they're away without stalling account work.

4. Two-Way Sync Communication: Email has become the indispensable form of business communication. If your platform requires any kind of manual lift to input your communications, it's time to fix it. Your platform should automatically sync your contacts, emails, calendars and store all of these pieces in one place. Whether you want to work out of your inbox via GSuite, Office365, or an alternative platform, the only thing you'll need to do is make sure they bidirectionally sync, so you won't miss any pivotal correspondence.

5. Harness the Projects Product: As the IT industry continues to transform, it's imperative to go beyond the server closet and cull your skills to embrace the role as an advisor. Utilize a Project Management tool that'll do more than just bundle up tickets and deem it a project. With this product, you can strategize an engaging project plan from the discovery of clients' needs, manage strategy, and implementation of the technology.

6. Drag and Drop Team Scheduling: Stop shuffling through paperwork or Excel sheets to review your team's schedules to see who's available to take on what. Easily view your team's schedules right beside the Tasks and Milestones for each particular Project. Easily drag and drop the tasks from one side to the relevant team member on the other side. It'll even sync and update that team member's calendar on the spot.

7. Leverage Triggers: Configure rules to trigger business processes automatically, such as sending an email to remind a client about a task or updating the status of your work. Triggers help us stay on track and get everything done in a timely, efficient manner.

If your current platform is missing one or more of these functions, it's prime time for an upgrade. Accelo automates your administrative frustrations, giving you more time to devote to your clients and growing your business. Try Accelo today!


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