Zapier + Accelo: Supercharged Automation for your Business Now Live!

31-Jan 2017

Running a professional service business often means having customer data that’s spread out across multiple apps, tools, and web services, which forces you to jump between platforms to get the information you need. The thing is, with everything you already have on your plate, why would you spend time doing tedious tasks that technology can automate for you?

That’s the beauty of Zapier: it allows you to connect the tools you already use and love, no coding required. With more than 700+ apps to choose from, including products like Google Docs, Hubspot, Wufoo and more, automating your workflows by connecting your various sources of data has never been easier.

Today, we're excited to announce our integration with Zapier!

Zapier allows you to connect your everyday tools so that you can easily move data between platforms, but without the help of an API expert. Here’s how it works: Zapier watches your apps for new data, and kicks off actions based on the rules that you set. To make things even simpler, the team at Zapier have written a helpful blog post covering some workflows (i.e. “Zaps”) you can use to seamlessly integrate with Accelo and make running your business easier. With this upgrade, Accelo is now able to be connect to more than 500+ products that Zapier supports, handling scenarios like:

  • When someone visits a special page on your website, they get created as a lead in Hubspot or Infusionsoft, but now you can have that contact’s information automatically flow into Accelo. You’ll increase your efficiency right away with Accelo's unique email tracking and calendar sync magic.

  • When someone completes an online form or survey you've created with Google Forms, Typeform or Wufoo, you’ll be able to have that submission (including the client's details and their answers) flow into Accelo automatically, saving it into the request queue so that someone on your team handles it asap.

  • When one of your colleague creates and assigns a task in Accelo, it’ll automatically get pushed to Zapier where you can easily create a Slack notification to loop the right people in or pull it into a general-purpose task manager tool like Asana.

  • ... and many many more!

While Accelo is the heart of how thousands of professionals manage all of their client work, it can't do everything. Marketing Automation, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Event Management, Chat, and more are essential to how many businesses are run, and being able to connect these other systems to Accelo automatically has, until now, required some programming or developer work - something that makes it much more expensive and difficult for non-technical people to accomplish.

If you're a Zapier user, you’ll be able to use the Zap templates below to get started fast. If you're not yet a Zapier user, the good news is that their product is free for the first five Zaps, and their paid plans (which allow you to set up more advanced rules) start at $20/month.


"The integration with Zapier has quickly closed the loop with our marketing automation platform ActiveCampaign. This would otherwise have been a considerable effort with the APIs of both platforms. We're excited about the possibilities for automating all of our business workflows!" - Phil Jones, Tech Director, 4MAT


The best part: it all happens in the background. With this integration you can build seamless, automated workflows with the tools you already use and love so you can make running your business easier, spend less time jumping between tools, and focus on your clients.

Have a workflow you need to automate that you don’t see here? Let us know. To learn more, visit our integrations page. For more ways on how you can make running your business easier, check out Accelo’s page in Zapier’s Zapbook.

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