" Accelo is now the engine behind the whole business, which is exactly what we needed. "
Founder and Director

How Thrive Digital Increased Profitability By 40% With Accelo

Dean Oakley, who founded Thrive Digital, has been working in web design and development in Australia and London since 2004. After working hard to build his client base, he founded Thrive Digital in 2006. The company is a full-service digital agency that specializes in web design, branding, graphic design, and more. As Director, Dean’s job is to oversee all technical aspects and design of company projects.


Prior to using Accelo, Thrive Digital was using a New Zealand-based project management system that ended up costing the company time rather than saving it. “The tool was far too simplistic,” Dean recalls. “The number of projects and companies we had in the system was so vast it caused the entire system to slow down. It clearly wasn’t designed to scale with the business, which was really frustrating.” The company also used Freshbooks, a small business accounting software, for invoicing tasks.  Dean quickly realized he needed to find a new platform that worked for him; not the other way around.

“We struggled to cope with administrative tasks as our business was growing, but we didn’t have a system that could support that growth,” he said. “We needed a platform to help streamline the whole business.”


Dean originally started looking for a new ticket management system, and, during his research, found that one of the company’s very own IT providers used Accelo. “We asked him what he thought about the platform and he was raving about it,” Dean said. “We had to try it. And once we saw what else Accelo could do, it just seemed like the perfect fit for our business.”

At first, Dean only intended to use the Tickets product in Accelo, but as he grew more familiar with the platform, he realized he could benefit from all of Accelo’s features.

“I was impressed with the scalability of the platform,” Dean said. “I feel like the company could grow 50 times the size and I could still use Accelo without hitting some kind of roadblock.”


Since implementing Accelo, Dean has seen the company change for the better. With the amount of time Accelo has saved, the business has been able to increase billable work and create more retainers. With all of their work in one place, they’re able to take on clients with more confidence than before. 

Dean has also seen a 40% increase in profitability in the past year, and heavily attributes this to Accelo for providing improved workflows, accurate time tracking capabilities, and business performance visibility. 

"Accelo is now the engine behind the whole business, which is exactly what we needed,” Dean said.

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