" We could stay on top of client issues and never miss a thing. "
Founder & Director

Less Effort. More Profits: How TradiePad Eliminated Busy Work & Increased Productivity by 30%.

‘Put your business in your pocket…’

That is the slogan at Tradiepad, a unique cloud-consulting firm helping service businesses run their operations on mobile technology.

Tradiepad was founded by two Australian tradesmen, Clinton Cowin and David Robbins, who were fed up with the amount of paperwork that came with running a plumbing business.

“We proved you could get rid of all your job cards, invoicing books, and diaries, and we could get that all running paperlessly on iPads - which had absolutely changed our lives,” said Tradiepad director Clinton Cowin.

After seeing how technology could improve their plumbing business, they decided to start Tradiepad so they could help free other tradespeople from the burden of paperwork and allow them to run much more productive businesses, and as you can imagine, they've been really successful!

While Clinton had already mastered the technology for tradespeople to be successful, running a consulting business meant starting all over again. He shopped around for a business management software, and like many businesses he initially went with Salesforce. The rough plan was to start with sales and try and stretch it to run all of their client operations - which as always didn't work out very well.

“This was a huge learning experience for us. It seemed like a fantastic idea at the time but it needed to be built and customized in order to do what we needed it to do - and that wasn't something we could do ourselves. So then we needed a Salesforce consultant to come in, and that just made it a very drawn out and expensive process,” said Clinton.

“Once we realized that Salesforce wasn't a viable option, we came across Accelo.”

The big hook for Clinton when it came to choosing Accelo was the fact that it could nurture his client relationships in a way that no other platform could, and because he had walked in his client's shoes for so many years, he knew they’d need real-time support from his team of consultants when they first switched to paperless operations - and that jumping from system to system was a recipe for disaster.

“Initially, I needed Accelo as a ticketing solution. But then I realized it could do all the things that Salesforce could do (and more), so we brought all of our data across from Salesforce, and off we went.”

Due to the automated nature of Accelo and its ability to integrate with several business management tools, Clinton was able to unite everything he needed in one place. He said that while this process was a big learning curve, the benefits were worth their weight in gold - because Clinton could use Accelo’s Tickets and Triggers to maintain positive client relationships and get them running their business electronically in far less time.

“We’re very client-focused, so staying in touch with them and maintaining our relationship with them on an ongoing basis is a core value of ours. We would fire off Triggers when certain clients hadn’t been contacted over a certain period of time, and then convert their response into a Support Ticket - so that we could stay on top of client issues and never miss a thing,” said Clinton.

Just by streamlining his client communication and workflows, Clinton has seen a 30 percent increase in the number of projects being completed on a monthly basis, “purely because of the efficiencies gained with Accelo, and because we now have visibility into all of our projects in one place.”

Apart from a 30% increase in productivity, Clinton’s team are also spending a lot less time trying to locate client information “because they’ve got all the data they need in a single client record” - which means more time can be spent out in the field.

Clinton added that “prior to Accelo, we’d have to make phone calls or chase up with a Project Manager just to get the answers we needed. But now when a Support Ticket comes through, our customer service team can easily view all of their communication history, and that alone has streamlined the entire support process.”

This visibility into projects and client relationships gave Clinton the company-wide transparency he needed to put Tradiepad on a fast-tracked path to success. What initially started as a side-project for a couple of Aussie plumbers in Sydney 6 years ago, has flourished into a team of 13 tech savvy tradesmen, with hundreds of clients across Australia and New Zealand - and Clinton believes it would not have been possible without Accelo.

“We’ve got the end of the financial year coming up and we’re on track to hit a pretty big milestone that we were aiming for. Growth and scalability have been one of those things I've always found hard to understand. But with Accelo, I now have a workflow and structure in place that would see me confidently double my staff in the coming month - knowing that they could easily learn our processes, and step straight into the role.”

“And that’s all because we have Accelo running the business.”

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