Effortlessly link your software devs to your client service team

Instant Updates & Notes

  • Client-service staff can see notes by software teams in real time without having to log into JIRA & find the right ticket
  • Comments in JIRA show up automatically & get pushed via email to relevant client service staff.

Get the whole (user) story

  • Notes from client-service staff are pushed back into JIRA, automatically, so info for engineers isn't lost in translation
  • Comments in JIRA get pushed & emailed to client service staff - engineering gets less "request for update" distractions

Real time budget updates

  • See budget usage and hours logged in real-time as engineers log work in JIRA
  • Effortlessly bill clients or assign time logged to retainers with full control over approvals, billable rates and more from Accelo

No more timesheet double-entry

  • Simply log work in JIRA and let Accelo take care of timesheets, rates and more without bothering engineering
  • Updating "time remaining" estimates gives project managers insight into forecast budgets & deadlines, instantly.

Auto Capture Client Emails

  • Client comments & replies are automatically captured from regular emails - no special addresses or interfaces
  • Comments from clients or colleagues are automatically sync'ed with JIRA issues, instantly.

Sync Client Conversations

  • Automatically capture regular email conversations against issues without having to email from JIRA
  • Centralize all client requests and replies against JIRA issues without having to leave your inbox.

Real-time Alerts

  • Track alerts from GFI Max in real-time
  • Triage problems through Requests
  • Smart acknowledgement & escalation

Try Accelo for free

  • Hassle free
  • No payment information required

Loved by thousands of professionals around the world

Trent Allan


We love the way it collects all emails to and from clients, how easy it is to track time, and the visibility it gives us over our whole operation.

Andy Thompson

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We're absolutely loving Accelo. The skills tagging feature took me by surprise and it's had a huge impact on our resource allocation process.

Bruce Phillips


We use Accelo Retainers Module for the monthly work we gain. This helped us nail down our workflow with templates and gave us 24/7 real-time reporting to hold each other accountable.

Wish JIRA could do more for your business?  Accelo is the number one Atlassian JIRA integrated CRM, automatic time tracking solution, and service billing software.  Accelo empowers teams to manage agile projects with JIRA while automatically importing data into one real time dashboard for complete client insight.  Accelo's JIRA CRM let's you manage clients from prospect, to project, to payment, all with one cloud-based app.

Instantly track your team’s time and expenses when you connect JIRA with Accelo.  Segment communication, service issues, and project progress by client, team, and more.  Accelo is the most powerful integrated professional services automation software that gives companies a complete project, client, and financial snapshot in real-time and on any device.  Connect JIRA with Accelo today and see why hundred’s business use JIRA + Accelo to be project management AllStars.