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Connect to JIRA

Manage agile projects with JIRA while automatically importing data into Accelo for complete client insight. If your team does a decent amount of custom software development or works in an Agile fashion, there's a chance you use JIRA by Atlassian, a product which is optimized for managing software development. Many users prefer to create tickets in JIRA but also use another system, like Accelo, to manage the bulk of their service operations. We know creating multiple tickets to track one issue is tedious, so we have created an easy way to keep them in sync. 

Instantly track your team’s time and expenses when you connect JIRA with Accelo. Segment communication, service issues, and project progress by client, team, and more to get a complete project, client, and financial snapshot in real-time and on any device.

NOTE: Accelo only integrates with Classic Company Managed JIRA projects. Accelo does not integrate with Next-Gen or Team Managed JIRA projects.

Using these guides, you can: 

What does the JIRA integration do?

Given JIRA is currently one of the most popular ways for developers to manage their workload, plan their priorities and track their time, we have an integration to allow you to manage your overall Client work, communications and billing in Accelo

The JIRA Integration offers -

  • The ability to link JIRA Issues and Epics to Accelo Projects/Milestones, Tickets, and Retainers.

  • Automatic sync of any JIRA Issues linked to an already linked JIRA Epic
  • Automatic sync of JIRA comments as notes in Accelo

  • Automatic sync of Work logs from JIRA as notes in Accelo - making it easier to get paid for the time your software engineers spend working on client issues or work!

  • Automatic pushing of notes from Accelo to JIRA as comments.

Understand what information syncs between Accelo and JIRA

JIRA Issue Field Accelo Task Field
Summary Title
Description Description
Status Category Status
Due Date When using: (dates listed in order of priority)

Adaptive Schedule - User Estimated Date, Predicted Date, Actual Date

Fixed Schedule - Planned Date, Actual Date

Fixed Deadlines - User Estimated Date, Planned Date, Actual Date
Assignee Assignee
Original Estimate Budget/Estimated*
Remaining Estimate Remaining Estimate
JIRA Comment / Work Log Field Accelo Activity Field
(Body) Description
Creator Owner
Time Logged Billable or Non Billable Time
Date Created Created Date

* The Original JIRA estimate does not sync to the Budget/Estimates Accelo field for Tasks against Projects and Milestones. This is to protect the budget of a Project against being adjusted from outside the Project Plan.

Understanding the JIRA Integration Options

Once connected to JIRA, you'll have a variety of set up and configuration options. We'll be going over what each one does and what it means below.



  • Accelo Custom Field in JIRA - When the integration is first connected, this button will allow you to create and sync your Accelo account with a new custom field in Jira, entitled "Accelo." This process will only need to be performed once when the integration is first connected. Clicking on the Import/Sync button again will cause Accelo to confirm that the synced field is still present within JIRA, re-creating it if the field is not present.

  • Import JIRA User list - This is one of the first steps which you'll be performing when integrating JIRA for the first time. Clicking on the link will import a list of your active users from JIRA.  You'll then be prompted to map those users to their corresponding Accelo user so that Task assignment and work logs are attributed to the correct person.  

  • Edit Linked JIRA and Accelo Users - This tool is used to edit the mapping between your Accelo and JIRA users, and is identical to the mapping process which is performed when importing a new user list.  Use this tool if you deactivate a user, or need to change the user which work logs are syncing for

  • Push Accelo task to JIRA - Enabling this option will push any due date, status, remaining and assignee changes on an Accelo task into JIRA. 

  • Import JIRA Comments as Activities - Enabling this option will automatically import all Comments which are logged against your linked JIRA issues to their corresponding Accelo Task. These Comments will be imported as Notes, with no time attributed to them. This is a great way to keep both systems up to date with the same information. Disabling this option will prevent JIRA Comments from being imported.

  • Import JIRA Worklogs as Activities - Enabling this option will automatically import all Worklogs which are logged against your linked JIRA issues to their corresponding Accelo Task.  These Worklogs will be imported as Notes, with the same amount of time logged under the Worklog. Disabling this option will prevent JIRA Worklogs from being imported.

  • Import JIRA Worklogs as Billable - Enabling this option will make the time imported from Worklogs billable by default.  Disabling this option will cause imported Worklogs to be logged as non-billable time

  • Accelo Email Notifications - Enabling this option will allow Accelo to send internal email notifications for Comments and Worklogs which are imported from JIRA.  These notifications will be sent according to each user's Notification Preferences.  Disabling this option will prevent notifications from being sent for imported Comments and Worklogs.

  • Push Accelo User's activities to JIRA - When enabled, Accelo will automatically push activities created by Accelo users into JIRA. Activities will be created either as a Comment or Worklog depending on whether the time logged exceeds the Worklog Threshold. This affects both billable and non-billable time. Disabling this option will prevent Accelo from pushing Activities into JIRA.

  • Push Contact's activities to JIRA - This option is dependent on the Push Accelo User's activities to JIRA being enabled. When the Push Contact's activities to JIRA option is enabled, Accelo will also push activities created by contacts to JIRA (includes affiliations).

  • Worklog Threshold - This threshold is used to determine whether an Accelo Activity which is pushed to JIRA appears as a Comment or Worklog. Activities which meet or exceed the threshold will be synced as Worklogs, while Activities which do not meet the threshold will be synced as Comments.

  • Automatically populate Accelo field on Epic Issues - Enabling this option will cause all JIRA issues under an Epic to be populated with the same Accelo field value as the Epic.

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