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It’s finally time to take the hassle out of keeping track of your work, managing your clients relationships and keeping track of your time.

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Accelo's automatic trigger for creating projects with fine grained frequency control

Fine-Grained Frequency Control

Once you determine the frequency, the days, and the hours you want your trigger to run it will run in the background, automatically allowing you to set it and forget it.

Accelo's configuration for project screen with flexible and powerful rules for automatic triggers

Flexible and Powerful Rules

Select between a sale, a project or an issue, and release a trigger if there has not been a recent activity logged within the timeframe you preselected. This allows you to stop wasting time on administrative tasks and lets you automate many of the business processes you would normally do manually.

Create Tasks

Assign a task to a sales manager, support team, or project management team. Set up automated tasks and reminders, so that important tasks do not fall through the cracks.

Accelo's automatic triggers feature for sending off emails and other activities

Send off Emails and Other Activities

Remind your staff of important events with automated email notifications, so they can take necessary actions.

Accelo's automatic triggers for converting email requests that come in with the word ‘urgent’ into high-priority issues

Change Fields and Statuses

Automatically convert email requests that come in with the word ‘urgent’ into high-priority issues. This automates the support process for you, ensuring that your business is streamlined and your clients are supported.

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