Automate Your Administrative Tasks

So you can focus on the work you love.

Know the next step and what to do: automatically send templated emails, create follow-up meetings, and update fields like the due date.

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Accelo's automating administrative tasks feature for business progressions with the option to adding actions

Business Progressions

Ensure Accelo is in line with your business processes and workflows by easily configuring a series of key steps or milestones, so that users are prompted to update fields, enter information, or automatically send out alerts to other members of your team or even clients.

Accelo's automating administrative tasks feature for automated client communications

Automate Client Communications

By automatically tracking emails, you can have important client information at your fingertips without having to manually update your sales. Access all client-related communication at any time.

Accelo's automated administrative tasks platform for segmenting sales prospects

Segment Your Sales Prospects

You can segment your leads into a variety of custom statuses or segments. Each group can inherit a templated email or specific method of communication. With your contacts organized this way, you can easily follow up by segmented groups.

Support Request Queue

Make sure those important items do not fall through the cracks by automatically routing support emails to the right person or department, or even convert them into issues or sales opportunities.

Accelo's administrative tasks platform for automating billing

Automate Your Billing

When work is logged in real time and recorded against budgets, the actual invoicing process is much easier. Approvals take seconds, and invoice creation can happen painlessly.

Accelo's administrative tasks platform for creating automated timesheets

Automated Timesheets

Automatically capture how you spend your time, letting you focus on what you do best. We make it possible for you to see the specific activities that combine to make up the total billable amount.

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