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Connect and collaborate with your customers through a branded client portal.

A 24/7 cloud-based client portal for customers to share documents, content, billing and more.

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Accelo's Client Portal feature

A Portal Your Clients Can Access

The Client Portal provides your clients access to their own projects, contracts, services and account in order to improve transparency and help clients help themselves. It offers your clients on-demand access for the services you do for them.

Accelo's client portal for tracking client projects in real time

Track Projects in Real-Time

The client portal allows clients and other external stakeholders to log in securely and see the components and open tasks on projects.

Accelo's client portal feature for making issue requests

Make Issue Requests

Give clients a 24/7 self-serve access portal for raising their own issues or service requests. They'll be able to track issues and projects that are already in progress, including selected file notes, emails and documents, and they’ll also be able to request a task to be taken care of. This allows for easy collaboration and transparency with your clients.

Accelo's client portal for sharing documents with clients

Review Selected Documents

Through the extranet, you can allow clients to view selected documents, such as project plans or contracts, building a sense of cooperation and transparency, providing an easy way to interact with your clients and share documents without having to send emails.

Accelo's client portal software notifications for when clients interact with projects

Sign-Off Module

Automatically get notifications by email of any interaction your clients make, including sign offs or approvals, or if they provide feedback for the project. You're able to collaborate with your clients every step of the way.

Accelo's client portal software with settings for client permissions

Fine-Grained Permissions

You’ll be able to customize exactly what’s available for your clients to see in the portal. The portal permissions are flexible and make it easy to match your business needs.

Accelo's client portal feature for securely sharing files and attachments

Securely Share Files & Attachments

When a client creates an attachment, it’ll automatically be stored to the sale, project, issue, etc. Your clients can easily upload revisions or large documents and have them stored in their client portal account

Accelo's client portal for logging billing histories and online payments

Billing Histories & Online Payment

You and your clients will have a record of their service billings, fulfillments and payments making it easy for your clients to keep track of the billing history.

Accelo's client portal for a customizable branded client experience

Customize the look and feel of your client portal

Lets your clients interact with your business as an easily recognizable brand by customizing what your clients see when they first log into your portal. Choose your text and link colors, logo, background image, title, subtitle, welcome message, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a client portal?

A Client Portal is a place where your clients can log into in order to track the progress of the work that is being done by your organization. Your clients can see how a Project is tracking towards key deliverables, review any previous questions they've asked, and also request more information of your Sales, or Support teams if needed.

How do I add a client portal to my website?

A Client Portal is an online platform, so it can either be simply linked to or imbedded within your website.

How much does a client portal cost?

The Client Portal is included with Accelo Premium, which starts at $399 per month.

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