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Get paid faster for your professional service and support.

Accelo streamlines your support with time-saving tools that help you track your tickets as they progress for better customer service.

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Platform » Billing and Contract Management
Accelo's service billing and contract management feature for resource assignment

Assign Resources

All tasks that are created from services or issues become part of the overall team schedule and helps you manage resources efficiently.

Accelo's retainer feature for creating invoices easily for your services

Easy Invoicing

You are able to easily generate an invoice for the time spent on an issue or link it back to their support contract or monthly retainer contract. Get paid for the hours spent using our time-tracking software, or keep track of the hours used in their contract.

Accelo's custom business process tags for different services for easy sorting

Custom Business Process

Create different types or classifications of services, and customize the process for each type. This allows you to easily follow a business process for the type of service you’re working on.

Accelo's service billing and contract management platform for tracking service issues

Service Issue Tracking

Automatically capture all service-related emails and attachments against opportunities in a central, searchable system. Our integrated issues and services platform allows you to track service requests professionally.

Accelo's service billing and contract management platform for automatically converting an email to an issue ticket

Automatic Service Converter

Automatically convert an email to an issue and help your staff deliver responsive client service with ease and consistency.

Accelo's service billing and contract management feature for approvals


The approval module, editing and allocation tools make it easy to set up an invoice for billing and gives you full visibility and control into the hours logged, tasks, budget line items, billable and nonbillable hours, and resource and schedule management.

Accelo's service billing and contract management platform for updating project work to track time and budget

Billing and Contracts

Your team can easily report the time they spend working on various projects, and managers can easily track time and budgets. By integrating billing directly with job tracking, you can make sure you get paid for the work your business actually does.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract billing?

Contract Billing is used if you want to bill for ongoing client work. For example an ongoing support and/or service package. Your Client Work Management platform should be able to configure these contracts to allow for an allowance of work or time and also provide the ability to add an excess charge and automatically generate an invoice and the end or beginning of the next billing cycle.

How do you keep track of invoices and payments?

With integrated invoicing, you can track billable work against client Projects, Tickets, and Retainers and automatically bill your clients accordingly. Connect your accounting software with Accelo so your accounting team can have a live view of what has and has not been invoiced without having to access a separate system. If Accelo is not integrated with an online accounting system then you should record the payment of an invoice inside Accelo.

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