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Easy And Accessible

Turn-key, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards make it easy to learn, use and consume by both technical and non-technical users.

“Every time I had to do a report, it would take me about half an hour. I was doing it for 10 clients. That's an entire day of work. Because all of the data is in Accelo I am able to cut that time in half. I can do all my reporting in an afternoon.”
Jim Clark
Product & Projects Lead at Provisions Group
Projects in Progress
Projects in Progress
Outstanding Client Invoice Report
Outstanding Client Invoice Report

Integrated Analytics

Integrate teams, clients, and work into one centralized platform so everyone always has access to the most up-to-date client information.

“Being able to rely on Accelo to tell us everything about our projects saves us a lot of time, instead of going in to download a lot of information to create a spreadsheet to do any kind of analysis. My boss loves the dashboards. He loves just being able to look at that and instantly know, "Here's where we are."”
Katherine Jonelis
Director of Operations at MHA Consulting

Visibility and Confidence

Instill confidence in making the right business decision with a powerful business intelligence platform to track and measure business performance and profitability while forecasting and preparing for the future

“Accelo is a powerful tool enabling my business to make data-driven decisions in a timely manner. Accelo is a great product if you want transparency on how your staff are tracking against budgets, tasks and timeframes for clients and also internal projects.”
Misti Bernard
Chief Operating Officer at STRUBER
Utilization Dashboard
Utilization Dashboard
Profitability Dashboard
Outstanding Client Invoice Report

Data You Can Trust

An integrated platform enabling you to extract high fidelity, reliable and trustworthy data in real-time to foster contextual insights for higher margins and profits.

“Before Accelo, if I had to do monthly progress reports, it would take me about 30 mins per client. So with my 50 clients that would take around 25 hours every week. That’s 25 hours of non-billable revenue I’ve recovered now all thanks to Accelo! Spending this time with clients - and growing the business - means I'm expecting to see a 250% increase in growth by the end of the year.”
Chantelle Good
Business Development Manager & Owner, Varntige

Product Features

Simply built to help you make better data driven decisions

More productivity. More profit. More time back with Accelo.

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