Service Retainer Management Software for Ongoing Client Work

Set up and track ongoing contracts for recurring work

Trusted by thousands of professional services businesses worldwide

Geeks On Tap

Built specifically to manage recurring client work

Our platform is built to help you reach success, day by day

True Client Partnership

Expand one-off projects into ongoing work to elevate the service and value to clients, strengthen partnerships and increase predictable revenue.

With Accelo’s retainers, we can easily figure out how many hours need to be billed for just by configuring our saved templates. That itself has saved us more than 40 hours of admin work each month.”
Jason Lichon
Chief Solutions Officer at BlueBolt
Insights on every Retainer
Insights on every Retainer
Monitor Period usage
Monitor Period usage

Profitable Ongoing Client Work

Effectively manage recurring client work, along with other ad-hoc client projects, to generate a steady stream of predictable income and ensure sustainable business growth.

"Accelo is one of the very few services that could help manage both the projects and repeated work. Our team members work on both sides of the business, so we needed one platform for task management and time tracking for all of the work we do."
Susie Schade
CEO & President, Vector Business Solutions

Visibility and Confidence

Gain insights into resource capacity and assign available staff to the right projects to prevent overworked staff and burnout, ultimately lowering employee churn

"We outline in all our invoices where we spend our time during a set Retainer period - which Accelo manages too - so that our clients get clarity on how much time is being spent doing what - which is necessary for people like us. We need to be able to show our clients exactly how much work is being done. We also have internal Retainers setup for staff to track all of their non-billable work so that I can see how much time is being spent on clients versus my day-to-day requests."
Chantelle Good
Business Development Manager & Owner of Varntige
Detailed Timesheet Reporting
Detailed Timesheet Reporting
Save time with templates Tasks
Save time with templates Tasks


Simplify business processes and improve productivity by automating recurring work and tasks, making them easier to manage and streamline in the long run

"Now, with Accelo’s automated time-tracker, we're able to track time without thinking twice and can easily enroll our customers in a monthly retainer contract for support."
Stuart Watson
CEO at LeapIT

Product Features

Simply built to help you manage contracts effortlessly

More productivity. More profit. More time back with Accelo.

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