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Systemized Sales Process

Leverage templates and checklists to streamline repeatable sales processes and build a playbook for sales best practices.

"We don’t have to have our accounts and sales teams isolated in Salesforce anymore because we do all the sales that we need to do within Accelo. If we want to send emails out and do grouping we can do that through Accelo, and it hooks into Campaign Monitor. We have Accelo hooked into QuickBooks, so there is a certain part of QuickBooks that actually goes into Accelo. It’s an all-encompassing system that does everything we need. It’s the centerpiece to what we are trying to do."
Rebecca Angelos
SVP of Operations at HDMZ
Email templates & Task Checklists
Outstanding Client Invoice Report
Quote Approval
Outstanding Client Invoice Report

Client Work Planning & Estimating

Create project timelines, milestones and estimate budgets based on signed proposal to alleviate the risk of under billing or quoting and unrealistic expectations.

"Last year, I ran over 1,000 manual quotes, one by one. So if I do even half of those with Accelo’s automation I will definitely gain more time to focus on additional sales opportunities. I really don’t know how we survived for so long as a business without Accelo."
Mandy Jentis
Maintenance & Total Support Administrator at The Genesis Group

Sales & Delivery Coordination

Give your delivery teams visibility into what was promised during the sales process so they can confidently deliver on that promise

"We built some great templates in Accelo and have standardized how we present ongoing services and projects to our clients. It comes off as consistent and professional. We’re also quicker. So when a client needs help, we talk to them, set up a consultation, and build out a project plan. The plan can be sent to them within an hour. Our clients appreciate the promptness."
Susie Schade
CEO and Founder of Vector Business Solutions
Sales process steps
Sales process steps
Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard

Forecasting and Automation

Automatically track time on sales emails, meetings and work to understand your sales effort, optimize the sales process and measure sales performance.

“By using automatic Triggers, our sales reps get email alerts when tickets are opened for their clients. This allows our sales team to proactively check-in with their clients and proactively pursue new opportunities based on technical needs in the ticket.”
Mandy Jentis
Maintenance & Total Support Administrator at The Genesis Group

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