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Easy to manage client support activities from end-to-end

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Profitable Client Service

Ensure smaller, reactive client engagements are efficient and profitable with a service tracking platform that is lightweight enough to be easy and able to generate revenue.

"This year alone, we’ve raised over 3,882 tickets - it’s truly incredible. We now have a pay-as-you-go system that allows our customers to take out and pay for IT Support within five minutes of calling. This has helped us because now we don’t have to chase our customers and we collect the payment before we do the service.”
Stuart Watson
CEO of LeapIT
Tickets Dashboard
Tickets Dashboard
All Client work at a glance
All Client work at a glance

Integrated Client Management

Ensure continuity, especially with a multifunctional team, by managing multiple areas of client work on the same platform, making it easier to coordinate, extract deep insights and discover potential opportunities.

“We could see everything that had happened with a client without having to go into another team member's inbox because it was all there in front of us! That was massive. I had never thought it could be so easy for me to find the information I needed, but there it was in Accelo”
Mat Grant
Client Services Director at Waypoint

Streamline Process Automation

Easy to manage smaller, reactive client support activities from end-to-end by converting incoming email request into tickets, enabling support team to "grab" tickets from a shared inbox, track time spent, and accurately bill for the work performed

“By using automatic Triggers, our sales reps get email alerts when tickets are opened for their clients. This allows our sales team to proactively check-in with their clients and proactively pursue new opportunities based on technical needs in the ticket.”
Mandy Jentis
Maintenance & Total Support Administrator at The Genesis Group
Shared Request inbox for easy Ticket triage and conversion
Shared Request inbox for easy Ticket triage and conversion
Get reports on all Client Tickets quickly
Get reports on all Client Tickets quickly

Visibility and Confidence

Get snapshot of all client requests with real-time staffing and status details to remove blind spots and highlight dependencies, giving confidence in faster time to resolve issues and client satisfaction

“Before Accelo, if a client wanted to make a request or had a problem, they would have to email us directly, then we’d have to manually create a task for that issue, then make a timesheet entry - which was always just an estimate - and then we’d have to copy all of this data into our project management tool. Now with Accelo, clients email us and get a nice, automated ‘thank you’ reply. A ticket is created with a click, and that can then be assigned to an account manager or developer. From there, all the work associated with that ticket is logged in real-time - again so nothing gets lost.”
Roberto Ciarleglio
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Contra Agency

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