Automated Notifications and Triggers

Maximize your support resources.

The triggers and notification module is a very powerful tool within Accelo that allows you to set up an automatic action when certain conditions are met.

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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Manage and monitor all of your tickets based on the preset conditions you set, and set benchmarks or SLA target dates based on your needs.



Triggers are automated tools that initiate your business processes based on your pre-set conditions. Have the flexibility you need to set triggers for the conditions you set. Automatically convert an email to a ticket, send an email, or close a ticket.


The triggers and notifications allows you to add the information you want in order to release the automatic action you want based on your workflows and business processes. Plus, you can easily add any custom field that meets your needs.


Automated Notifications

Automated notifications are emails released based on whatever preconfigured setting you select. Save time and energy by setting up auto replies or emails.

Formula Fields

You can use formula fields in your trigger rules, which allow you to set an automatic action if a certain condition is set. This adds a new dimension of customization to your business needs.

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