Turn Expenses Into Profit

Eliminate the headache of managing multiple expenses for multiple clients

Monitor your logged expenses so you can stay on top of ad-hoc costs that occur and accelerate your growth potential.

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Track Project Expenses

Record expenses against projects and tickets. Attach supporting documents related to each expense. Know exactly what’s going on with all of your expenses.

Review Submitted Expenses

Automatically send an email notifying a project of a new expense that needs to be reviewed and approved. Keep expenses under control for better budget management.

Invoicing Expenses

Easily convert an additional expense to a billable invoice. Allows you to keep working on a project without having additional expenses affect your project budgets.

Configure and Customize Your Expenses

Unlimited customizable expense codes and tax calculations to meet your business needs ensure accurate expense tracking and give you the the type of granular information you need.

Expenses for Issues

You can add recurring expenses easily and have them automatically renew each billing period, making it easy for you to manage your recurring contracts and their corresponding recurring expenses.

File Attachments

Attach scanned receipts to expenses, giving your project managers and clients access to all expense receipts in an organized, integrated system.

Expense Reports

Generate advanced expense reports based on numerous criteria and filters which helps project managers keep an eye on project costs.

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