Accelo Mobile App on Android and iOS Platforms

Manage Every Aspect of Your Business Anytime, Anywhere.

The Mobile App offers project management, time tracking, support and issues management, task management, budget and expense management, and email collaboration.

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Add Clients & Contacts

The mobile app lets you easily add new contacts from wherever you are. Stay connected when you’re away from your desk, whether you’re traveling or working remotely.

Add Clients & Contacts

Timers App for Your IWatch

You can keep tabs on your existing timers, switch timers, and create new ones, all on your watch! It just got even easier to keep track of your billable hours.

Activity Stream

Like an internal news feed, you can scan through and check to see what is going on with the project or client. Now, you can easily collaborate and keep track of what’s going on with your clients and projects using your phone.

Create Activity

Easily log an activity related to a client, project, sale or ticket using your phone. Gain the ability to see (and interact with) the activity stream, view conversation threads, and reply or create new activities, all from our smartphone app.

Searching, Filtering & Listing

Perform a fast, live search across client names and sales titles. The filter options make it easy to get a list of just the sales, projects, tickets or retainers that you want to see.


Use your phone to create, start and pause timers in the mobile app, and watch them sync with the web app like magic. Use your phone as a "stopwatch" for your work, and know it is in sync with the web app and vice versa.

Sales Module

Create timers and tasks against a sale, or see the status of any opportunity. This lets you keep track of your opportunities and create new ones from anywhere.

Projects Module

Create a timer or add a task to a project, ideal for those times when you remember something you need to do while you're out and about. The projects module makes it easy to see a snapshot or a project status.

Contracts / Retainers

Search, filter, list and view—including renewal info, key dates and detailed usage within each period! This makes it easy for you and your team to stay on top of your highest value: ongoing client work.

Issues & Tickets Module

Easy to search, filter and view, this module is great for anyone who's out and about servicing clients, making it easy for them to see issue/ticket details and log work through activities while they're out of the office. This allows you and your team to be responsive and supportive of client needs.


Search, filter, list and view—including hours logged, time remaining and key dates. Fill in your timesheet or clean up your task list at the end of a long day on your commute home.