Case Study Roundup: Accelo Success Stories

4 Companies That Use Accelo to Help Their Teams Succeed

23-Apr 2020

Accelo’s platform exists to help companies accelerate growth by solidifying business operations, automating processes, and streamlining client work. With professional service businesses having so many moving parts, it can be difficult to keep track of everything happening in the company. There are many tools advertised to solve one or two pain points of a business, but trying to combine these tools creates a disconnect that ends up magnifying problems instead of fixing them. Accelo brings all of the information into one place so it’s easy to see the real-time updated information while eliminating the need to move between platforms. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here we’re featuring four clients who believed Accelo could solve their pain points and have reaped the benefits: 


Daniel McNaught, Director at the Brighton-based IT consulting company, wanted to challenge and disrupt what IT services look like and how businesses within the industry interact with their clients. Before Accelo, Invona struggled to manage the various services offered to its customers. He spent thousands of dollars and hours implementing tools that were meant to support the company. He quickly realized that it was draining energy and resources to juggle multiple platforms and his business. 

“One of the things I say as soon as I get in front of a new customer is that we believe people should enjoy the technology they use,” Daniel said. “In Accelo, we’ve definitely found a product that we certainly enjoy using. I want to show it off to the other clients I work with.”

Daniel heard about Accelo through a friend who also owns his own business. After signing up for a trial, it took him no time at all to realize the platform was exactly what he needed to support his growing company. Now, Invona has more than doubled its monthly revenue and has more time to deliver higher quality service to its clients.  

BlueBolt Solutions

BlueBolt Solutions is a digital transformation agency that focuses on providing web solutions to its clients with services ranging from strategy to UX design to technical implementations. In addition to client work, the team juggled up to six different tools to manage their day-to-day, which led to frustration among employees and a lot of valuable work time wasted. BlueBolt Solutions then invested in Accelo, which led to benefits such as: 

  • Increasing revenue by 60%

  • Doubling their team and client base

  • Saving a week each month with Accelo’s retainer management

..and these are just a few of the positive outcomes the team has seen since moving their business operations over to Accelo. 

Jason Lichon, the Chief Solutions Officer, knows Accelo has been a part of BlueBolt Solutions' success.

“Accelo’s ability to ship work out the door, notify us of client requests, and update our team in real-time has without a doubt got us where we are today.”

Equinox IT

Equinox IT has a reputation of solving tough and complex IT problems for clients since 1995. When they first started the company, their primary tools were Microsoft and Excel. Paul Ramsay, one of the co-founders, knew that as they grew they needed to manage their operations properly and implement the right cloud-based tools if they wanted to see long-term growth. Their goals were to reduce costs and simplify administrative processes, and once they discovered Accelo, found that the platform could best solve these pain points while increasing efficiency. And it did just that. Equinox has saved around 60% in annual licensing fees since consolidating systems. Accelo’s dashboard has also been useful in helping the team stay focused and prioritize properly. 

“Having a lean administrative structure has always been key for us when it comes to delivering our services,” Paul said. “The addition of modern, cloud-based applications has ensured that our services remain flexible and ongoing.” 


Waypoint helps small and medium-sized businesses implement cloud software solutions to help them run more efficiently. When the company was founded in 2011, the team was small and relied on cheap services or free apps to run their business, rather than one system. Having too many tools became a nightmare, and it was easier to just ask team members for updates rather than juggling between tools. When Mat Grant, the company’s Client Service Director, was given a walk-through of Accelo, he couldn’t believe that there was a system that could automate all of the manual tasks that led to such frustration. 

“In Accelo, I could see all of our contacts and all of our client histories in one place, including all the emails we had sent and received over the years—it was mind-blowing,” Mat said. “We could see everything that had happened with a client without having to go into another team member's inbox because it was all there in front of us! That was massive. I had never thought it could be so easy for me to find the information I needed, but there it was in Accelo.”

More than 90% of their busy work is automated by Accelo and resulted in team productivity increasing by 40%. With the time saved, Waypoint can focus on clients and growing the business. Waypoint has since doubled their client base with Accelo. 

These are just a few of the companies that have seen major benefits since trusting Accelo. Running a business is hard enough, but ensuring your business operations are solid will set your team up for long-term success and growth. If you are interested in hearing other customer success stories, check out our Case Studies page for more. You can also sign up for a free trial today to see how Accelo can help your company today. 

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