" Accelo gave us the ability to consolidate our teams and work into one platform. "
Director and Principal Consultant

How Equinox IT Saved 60% in Annual Fees Since Switching to Accelo

With the expertise of the big guys, and the helpful attitude of a local IT consultancy, Equinox IT is fittingly built to serve a range of organizations - and that’s exactly what it’s done for the past 23 years - providing expert IT advice, training, and implementation throughout New Zealand.

Equinox IT has always been a deeply technical IT consultancy priding itself on solving the tough and complex IT problems that others can’t. Since 1995, they’ve grown from a team of 5 founders to 50 technical experts - delivering more than 3,000 unique projects for their clients over the years.

As you can imagine, running a service business more than two decades ago looked a lot different from what it does today - especially given the type of technology available at the time. In fact, one of the co-founders, Paul Ramsay said: “When we first started Equinox IT in 1995, our primary business tools were Microsoft Word and Excel.” After a few years in business, Paul and his co-founders realized that the only way to manage their operations on such limited applications was to keep a lean administrative structure and implement the right cloud-based tools as soon as they could, because being the technical experts they are, they knew this was necessary for long-term growth. The IT consultancy was a very early adopter of cloud-based (not that it was called that in those days) Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. Paul said: “Having a lean administrative structure has always been key for us when it comes to delivering our services, and the addition of modern, cloud-based applications has ensured that our service remains flexible and ongoing.”

Reducing Manual Effort

Equinox IT wanted to reduce the costs and simplify the administrative processes associated with their previous PSA platform and hence selected Accelo as a better fit to their specific needs. “For us, it was about choosing a platform that we could integrate with, and with Accelo, we could do exactly that.” For example, Accelo’s integration with Xero meant that Equinox IT could seamlessly unite its accounting and operations together - to manage client work and conduct invoicing all from the same place. “We could even integrate with BambooHR, our human resource management system, to manage our internal work more efficiently and without having to jump between different applications. Accelo gave us the ability to consolidate our teams and work into one platform,” said Paul.

Working efficiently on-the-go

Having the flexibility and functionality to work on mobile was another benefit for Equinox IT, especially because much of their IT consulting work is completed off-site. “One of the key things we like about Accelo is that it allows our team to work on-the-go: on Android or iPhone. The app lets us record expenses in a few seconds – we just take a photo of a receipt and submit it as a claim straight from the phone,” said Paul.

Besides the efficiencies gained, Equinox IT has also saved approximately 60% in annual license fees since moving to Accelo. Paul says this cost-saving, along with Accelo’s unique dashboards, has allowed the company to stay focused on growing the business, all while having real-time access to who is doing what and when. “Having a dashboard that gives us company-wide transparency along with the ability to drill down into various elements of our business is a feature we couldn’t live without”, said Paul.

On the horizon

Due to this increased visibility and simplified approach to working on the go, Equinox IT is able to spend more time with its customers who bring in revenue. According to Paul, “Accelo was certainly the most cost-efficient option for Equinox IT and we have made significant savings as a result of implementing it. Once you make the change and start using the full range of functionality available in Accelo, you’ll truly see the value in it.”

This year, we expect to begin using other functionalities within Accelo. We’re looking forward to harnessing the integration with Power BI (Microsoft's business analytics tool), which will be crucial for scaling our business” and understanding the impact that Accelo has already had on Equinox IT’s bottom line. “Because after all, you really do need that data to grow your business,” said Paul.

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