5 Ideas for Productizing Your Agency Services

By Chelsea Williams
Senior Copywriter
Oct 3 2023 read

There’s an exciting alchemy happening in agency life. Savvy agency leaders are transforming their expertise into solid gold in the form of products. 

It’s a paradigm shift away from the ebb and flow of client work. Tangible assets generate revenue while you sleep, which is every business owner’s dream.

Curious about how to whip up this magical elixir for your agency? Here are five productization recipes.

1. Workshops Tailored to Niche Needs

One of the most immediate ways to productize your agency’s expertise is through workshops: structured sessions where you share specialized knowledge on a particular topic or skill. Workshops are an excellent product choice because they address specific, niche needs that your ideal customer might struggle to find elsewhere. 

Bonus benefits: You can assert your authority in the field and provide a hands-on solution for existing and potential clients.

➡️ Your PR agency might offer a workshop called “Crafting a Compelling Press Release.” Attendees could learn the nuances of writing press content that grabs attention and how to effectively distribute it for maximum exposure.

2. Virtual Value-Add Events

Webinars and online events are goldmines of opportunity. They allow you to reach a global audience with your insights and strategies. The beauty of webinars is their versatility. They can be live sessions with Q-and-A segments or evergreen content that clients can purchase and view at their convenience.

Bonus benefits: Virtual events offer an opportunity to converse live and hear immediate feedback — invaluable market research.

➡️ Your digital marketing agency could host a webinar entitled “The Future of SEO: 2024 and Beyond.” This session would offer attendees foresight into SEO trends and actionable takeaways to help them stay ahead of the curve.

3. Tools or Templates for Simplifying

Your agency probably relies on certain tools and templates to streamline operations. There’s immense value in these tried-and-tested resources. They’re the distilled essence of your team’s expertise — customizable shortcuts that can help newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

Bonus benefits: You’ll solidify internal processes and develop new resources to improve client service by solving complex solutions. 

➡️ Your branding agency might develop a “Branding Blueprint” template. This comprehensive document would guide users through the process of building a brand, from defining their mission and vision to choosing the right color palette and typography.

4. On-Demand Content Libraries

The wisdom your agency amasses over the years is a treasure trove of revenue-boosting value. Why not provide it to a broader audience? Your content library could include a mix of instructional videos, research papers, case studies or expert interviews.

Bonus benefits: By giving your clients a wealth of information, you’ll generate ideas they might discuss with your team that turn into opportunities to upsell.

➡️ Your social media marketing agency might put together a “Social Media Mastery Vault.” Subscribers could access resources from algorithm updates to platform-specific video specifications and strategies to influencer collaboration guides.

5. Relationship-Building Subscription Services

Subscriptions are the ultimate relationship. Clients get a level of attention you might not be able to provide them otherwise. Great subscriptions feel like a curated experience that evolves over time, allowing your clients to keep their fingers on the pulse of industry shifts with you as their guide. You might offer videos, downloads, exclusive podcast episodes or any other form of content that feels relevant and is easy to produce.

Bonus benefits: Engagement metrics can tell you which topics and content formats resonate most, fueling your social and marketing strategy as well as your subscription offerings.

➡️ Your advertising agency with a reputation for great video campaigns could launch a “Video Ad Innovators Club.” Members would receive monthly breakdowns of the most successful video ads globally, with insights into the strategies behind them, exclusive masterclasses on video storytelling and periodic reviews of their own ad content.

Productizing your agency services isn’t about replacing your core offerings but complementing them. By transforming your knowledge and expertise into products, you open new revenue streams and bolster your credibility. 

Get even more ideas for productization, cross-selling, upselling and more in our revenue expansion guide for agency leaders. Download your copy for free!

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