Accelo Wins 'Best New Product' at ASCII Success Summit!

By Madison
Sep 20 2014 read

We are ecstatic to announce that Accelo was awarded 'Best New Product' at the ASCII Success Summit in Phoenix, AZ last week! This is our second award in two weeks, and we couldn't be happier!

2014 PH NewPrd award

We had a blast meeting with a lot of awesome MSPs who took the time out of their busy schedules to learn about new and great things in the industry designed to help them run their businesses better. We had so many great conversations with attendees who heard about Accelo through other people in the industry and ASCII's forums. They were excited to learn about our affordable, cloud-based alternative to the dreadfully slow systems they have been forced to use due to lack of advancement in technology for MSP businesses.

"They were excited to hear about a product that was started by someone running an IT services company 15 years ago," said CEO Geoff McQueen. "They loved that we knew what it was like to do things the hard way and that we aren't just another software company or tech entrepreneurs that think they know what it's like to run an IT business. The founding team has been in the trenches." 


While many of the other presenters focused heavily on their products, attendees appreciated Geoff's educational approach to how MSPs could apply the concepts of the self-driving car to running a successful professional services business. 

"During the presentation, we could see people were nodding, taking notes and coming up with ideas," said Geoff. "We think people appreciated being able to take stuff away that they could put into their business immediately, regardless of our technology."

The number one complaint from all of the MSPs we spoke to was the speed - or lack thereof - with their current solution. Whether it was the time for a screen to load, or the number of steps it took to create a ticket, people kept telling us how much their current platform was slowing them down.

"People were really excited to see how fast Accelo ran - from searching to listing to creating tickets, people were saying that it was 10x faster to use Accelo," explained Alison Russell, Solution Consultant at Accelo.

"Then we told them that the system was actually running a lot slower than usual because the hotel had serious WiFi problems, so we were doing our demo with multiple laptops tethered on a single T-Mobile connection under 6 floors of concrete... not the most optimum conditions!" said Geoff. "When people realized this, they were floored - I guess that's the difference between a modern scalable cloud application and competitors running on decades-old technology." 

We are so grateful to all of the MSPs that voted for us! We are looking forward to helping you run your business with fast, innovative technology that makes your job easier. 

Chat with us at the ASCII Success Summit or just want to give Accelo a test drive? You can sign up for a free 7-day trial (no credit card needed) and if you're wanting to upgrade from another solution, feel free to try our beta Autotask and ConnectWise imports tools.

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