CIO Publishes a List of the Top Small Business Collaboration Software - at the top, Accelo!

12-Nov 2013
Tech for Business

Though the feedback from our users is always enough to keep us motivated, it's especially exciting to hear a positive review from one of the world's leading publications - completely out of the blue. We're appreciative to be listed next to some of the "big names" you've heard of out there, like Google Apps and Microsoft.

Last week, CIO published an article on the “6 Top Picks for Small Business Collaboration Software” with Accelo featured at the top! Vangie Beal describes Accelo as:

"...a customizable business system designed to help businesses manage clients and projects. It offers tools to organize business contacts, email and calendars, as well as share information and documents with your colleagues."

We designed a system to close the gap between dispersed teams and disjointed applications. With our users’ continuing feedback, we’ve developed a product that helps small businesses manage their client work. This is why Accelo has the features that matter to them, including a module to manage retainer work and ongoing services. Amongst the other 5 “Top Picks” were a few of the partners we integrate with, including Box, Google Apps and Microsoft Office365.

Beal provides a good summary, but if you're interested in hearing about first-hand experiences from Accelo users, here are a few success stories you might be interested in:

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