Client Portal: Super-charged and good to go!

17-Nov 2013

The Client Portal is back online - and with a few important fixes and improvements. Our team really took advantage of the unexpected "pit stop" so you can now promote the Portal to your clients with extra confidence.

Our team are still working hard on bringing attachments & files into the Portal, but for now, here's a summary of the significant improvements:

Permissions updated

  • Permissions for viewing activities are now being observed correctly across the Portal (Home screen, Requests, Signoffs, Projects, etc.)
  • Client Group permissions are now working ahead of company-specific permissions.
  • Company-specific permission are now working ahead of module-wide permissions.

Please see our help website for more details on how the permission levels operate.

Creating Activities

When your clients open the Create Activity window, the manager of that record (issue, project, etc.) will be attentioned by default - helping your clients know who will receive their message.

User Management

  • When configuring specfic access groups (for a client in Accelo) you can now easily see if those members have general access to the Portal yet.
  • Clients can now change their password in Portal via their user profile screen.

Invitation Improvements

  • Clients can now invite other users more quickly/easily from the user directory screen in the Portal.
  • Clients that try to re-use an invite link are taken to a login screen, rather than seeing an "Invitation already accepted" dead-end!
  • Changes to the content of invitations sent from Portal (by your clients) is now handled (rather than ignored).

Request Type Configuration

In Accelo, you can now configure request types for the new Client Portal, without affecting the existing Extranet system (soon to be deprecated)

Sign-off Fixes

  • Draft signoffs are now hidden from view in the Portal
  • Disabled or de-selected attachments are no longer being sent to the signoff recipients.

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