Feature Update for Custom Lists

Feature Update: What's new in the Custom Lists Beta?

12-Jan 2021
Molly Flynn

The Beta of our Redesigned List Screens started in November, almost 900 of you - our users - have used these List Screens over 4,000 times! First and foremost, thank you for diving into this feature with such enthusiasm.

We are excited to continue to scale these List Screens to help you manage your work and your clients! Please continue to give us your feedback, ideas and thoughts on these new Lists on our Ideas Forum (also accessible from inside your Accelo account).

Since the Beta release, our Engineering teams have been hard at work building additional Columns and Filters. Additionally, our Product and Design teams have been reviewing and re-thinking ways to enhance the performance, workflow and the front-end user experience of the Lists. 

As an update on progress, we wanted to share what has been accomplished - and implemented - on these List Screens since our initial Beta release. 

UI and UX Highlights

First Column Locking

Now you can infinitely scroll horizontally on the new List Screens while always keeping the data displayed in the first Column in your view. Remember that this first Column can be configured by you. We’ve already heard from a few of you about how awesome it is to be able to run pipeline reviews with your Sales team and always see the name of the Prospect in question, or facilitate project status reviews while keeping the Project Title in view.

Column Resizing

You can now change the horizontal width of any Column on your List. This means that you never have to worry that you’ll only be able to see part of the data in the Column display, say for example, a very long Company Title. This adjustment is saved to your browser, so once you resize a Column, it will maintain that horizontal width until you adjust it again, even after you log out of your Accelo account.

Newly Implemented Columns & Filters

Since the Beta release on November 16, we’ve released an additional 60 Columns and 15 Filters! The items below are not all-inclusive but highlight exciting additions.


The Company List can now be filtered by the Title of the Company’s Division so that you can reduce the noise and check on the health of a single division of your Clients.

On the Projects List, you can now filter the results based on whether the Project has been Invoiced (e.g., Yes or No) or whether there are Overdue Tasks linked to the Project (e.g., Yes or No).

Finally, you can now filter your Tasks by the Status of their Parent Object, like the Project or Ticket Status.

Columns - Lots to share here!

Email addresses and Phone numbers are now available for display on the Contact List so communication with your clients is quick and easy. Additionally, Company Managers and Divisions are now available on the Company List as column displays. And finally, Project Earned Value is now available!

We've also implemented some brand new Columns that have never before been available, such as...

Total Time Logged can now be displayed on the Sales List.

The Title and Status of the Parent object (e.g., Projects, Tickets, Retainers) as well as financial fields like Budget Value and Usage (both Value and Cost) on the Task List!!!

And lastly, on the Project List, you can now see the Title of the related Sale; Total Time Logged and Total Billable Time Logged (including all Time Logged on Tasks and Milestones linked to the Project!) and the Schedule Type (e.g., Adaptive, Fixed, Fixed Deadline).

Over the coming months, we are focused on finishing the work necessary to replace our existing Lists with these new screens! 

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