New Beta Release: Redesigned List Screens

New Beta Release: Redesigned List Screens

By Hugh Cowling
Product Manager
Nov 16 2020 read

We are excited to announce that seven List Screens have been redesigned and they are now available in Beta for our users!

Current Updates Available as of November 16, 2020

List Screens

Here are the seven List Screens currently available for Beta. The most exciting aspect of these new Lists are that each user can now customize the data shown in the Columns on their Lists! 

  1. Company
  2. Contact
  3. Sale
  4. Project
  5. Ticket
  6. Retainer
  7. Task

Let's get into some of the exciting features that come with this Beta, the Beta timeline and the best way to share your feedback with our team. 

Columns & Filters 

Across all seven redesigned List Screens, there are now 138 columns available, offering more than three times the amount Columns on the current version of our List Screens! The number of Filters has also increased to more than 100, with Custom Field Filters available on the Ticket and Sale List Screens. Custom Field Filters will be rolled out continuously for the other List Screens throughout the Beta period. 

We are aiming to offer between 300-400 Columns and 200-300 Filters across all seven of our new List Screens at the end of the Beta phase.

Column Configuration

Users can now customize the data that they see on our new List Screens by selecting which Columns they want to view on their List. Additionally, users can reorder the Columns on their List by dragging & dropping their Column preferences in the configuration menu!


Our Engineering teams have worked tirelessly to research, implement and build our new List Screens with underlying technologies that are high performing, flexible and scalable, so that we can offer complex Filters and Columns on our List Screens, enabling our users to quickly drill down into a subset of work items or client records with the specific data points that are most important to them. Some of these complex Filters and Columns include new Boolean Filters (e.g., Yes / No) and Columns with financial values or values from other related Accelo objects (e.g., you can now see the name of the related Retainer on a Project List or Company Custom Field values on your Sales List).   

Additional Features and Enhancements

If you’re familiar with our current List Screens, you might notice some features and functionalities are not currently available on the Beta version of List Screens. No need to be alarmed—they will be re-implemented prior to releasing out of Beta.

List Exporting

We are rebuilding the technology that supports the Export feature on our List Screens. With more powerful processing technology, the exports from our List Screens will likely be sent to our users via email instead of exported in the browser. Additionally, the exported version of the List will be an exact match to what you see on your screen inside of Accelo—you will no longer receive List Screen exports with data you don’t need.  

Public Sharing

At the moment, we only offer the ability to create Private Lists (e.g., they can only be accessed, edited and seen by the creator). The ability to share your Lists publicly inside of your company’s Accelo account will be re-implemented prior to the full release of our new List Screens.

List Deletion

Currently, users are not able to delete an entire List on the List Screen. This functionality is also returning.

Bulk Delete List Items

The ability to Bulk Delete items on the new List Screens will be re-implemented before releasing out of Beta.

List Screen Beta FAQs 

What is the planned timeline for the List Screen Beta?

We are aiming to have the new List Screens fully functional by the end of March 2021. A subsequent phase will sunset our current List Screens and replace them with the redesigned List Screens. Please note, that this timeline is subject to change.

How can I stay informed about the timeline and progress during the Beta?

Blog Posts and Weekly Newsletter

We will publish additional blog posts to communicate progress, new features and enhancements to the Beta List Screens. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive announcements. Stay tuned!

In-App Announcements

We will be communicating new features or enhancements to the Beta List Screens as they are implemented.

Who has access to the List Screen Beta?

Everyone! All customers and trial users, except for users who are on a Contractor License, are able to access and use the new List Screens during the Beta phase. Eventually, this will not be restricted to Contractor-type users, but for permissions and access-control reasons, we are not allowing Contractors to use this Beta at this time. 

Note: We do have a small number of customers whose Accelo accounts are hosted on servers in Europe and Australia. These customers will not have access to the Beta at this time, but please keep an eye out for updates about the availability of this Beta to those customers - and please reach out to your designated Accelo representative or [email protected] for more information.

How do I enable or disable the new List Screens in my Accelo Account?

Simply select the My Preferences option in the dropdown menu from your user avatar in the top right corner of your Accelo account. On that Preferences screen, you can enable or disable the Beta Lists Screens. This preference will not have an impact on other users’ accounts.

When the Beta List Screens are enabled, there will be a separate icon in the top navigation to give users the ability to navigate to the new List Screens. As a reminder, the current List Screens will remain untouched during the Beta phase and will still be accessible from the Left-Hand side navigation.

How do I give feedback to Accelo during the Beta phase? What happens with that feedback?

Our team values the feedback we receive from customers and do our best to incorporate them to refine the product. As an example, 38 user-submitted feedback items from our Navigation Beta were implemented earlier this year for that project. 

To share your experience and ideas about our new List Screens, select the Got Feedback? link in the Beta’s dropdown menu located in the top navigation of your Accelo account. The link will send you to an Ideas Forum that was created specifically for users to give us feedback on the new List Screens over the course of the Beta phase.

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