Improved Auto Email Capture

27-Mar 2012

Accelo's automatic ability to capture emails between your staff and your clients is one of its most popular features. We've been getting a bunch of feedback from users on how we can make this awesome feature even better, so we've made a few improvements today we'd love to let you know about.

Automatically Add New Contacts

While Accelo automatically captures emails from known contacts, it ignored emails if the email address of the sender or recipient isn't in the client database.

This works great, but when you start working with a client/company/account, you're likely to start meeting and corresponding with new contacts at the same company. Until now emails with these new contacts wouldn't be captured until you'd taken the time to add the new contacts to Accelo - and in the process, you might miss some really important email correspondence.

That's why we've added a new feature to Accelo - now, when you get an email from a new contact who's domain matches an existing contact, they'll automatically be added to Accelo. 

To enable this feature, follow the instructions on our help website.

How it works:

  • When an email is captured which is from an unknown email address, Accelo will then try and match the domain name of the sender to existing client contacts
  • If there is only one company in Accelo with contacts with the same domain, then a new contact and email address will be added automatically.
  • Once the email address has been added, the email will be captured from then onwards, on both sending and receiving.
  • If a search for the email address matches more than one company, then the email will be silently ignored. This is to ensure that emails from domains like and addresses like
  • If you would prefer the emails between yourself and your contacts remain private, you're able to set your own privacy settings - more information at

Capture Full Forwarded Emails

Another thing our users have been asking for is the ability to automatically capture forwarded emails. To make sure Accelo is optimized for individual messages and screens load quickly, the often extensive previous messages in any email are automatically excluded.

There are occassions, however, where you really want to capture all of the email history. Often this is when someone is forwarding an email to someone else and you want Accelo to capture previous emails.

From now on, whenever an email is captured by Accelo and the subject starts with "fw" or "fwd", the full text of the email will be captured in the diary entry.

Save the Content of Emails Forwarded to

One of the features of Accelo is the ability to quickly and easily add a new contact to Accelo by forwarding an email to a special address, In the past, the email you forwarded as a user was actually ignored other than searching for email addresses for to add.

Now, whenever you forward an email to the special Add address, not only will the contact be added, but the content of the original email will also be captured and saved as a diary entry, making it easier to capture the initial conversations.

Further Safeguards

Accelo's email capture functionality makes sure that emails between staff members - internal emails - are ignored unless they are in reply or relation to an email that was already in contained in Accelo (either because it was entered by a staff member into Accelo, or because it was part of a conversation captured from or to a client).

Where this model has a potential weakness is that anyone who can add a contact can add the email address of a colleague or manager as a client contact, and have potentially sensitive internal emails captured in Accelo.

One of the other aspects that has come up lately is some concerns that a rogue staff member might add the staff member of a colleague - to ensure this can't happen, whenever a new email address is added, a check is made to make sure the email address doesn't match the domain name of any active staff member. If a new contact email address matches the same domain as a staff member, all of the "admin" accounts within Accelo will be notified via email.

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