Introducing new additions to our SF team

30-Apr 2012

We're excited to announce two new additions to the Accelo family in our San Francisco office - Alison Russell as our Business Development Manager, and Trevor Berman is our Digital Marketing Manager.

Alison Russell

Alison is managing the business development activities here at Accelo - odds are you'll receive an email or a phone call from her at some point in the future! Alison grew up in Manchester in the UK, and attended the University of West England where she studied Neuropsychology. So, yeah, she's a smart cookie who already knows how you think ;-)

Alison moved to the States in 2001, where she worked at the British Consulate while attending business school at San Francisco State University. After getting her MBA, Alison went into medical sales, worked in sales for medical devices, biotechnology companies and a cloud-based SaaS healthcare IT startup.

As we scale up Accelo following the successful launch of our new version, Alison is going to be working closely with our hundreds and hundreds of trial users to help them get familiar with Accelo and how it can help them run their business more successfully.

Likes: Cheese, her dog Ripley, dive bars, NASCAR, red wine, more cheese, the San Francisco Giants, Japanese beer, World War Two history, electronic music, white wine, collecting books.  These are not necessarily mutually exclusive, neither are they in any particular order.

Dislikes: Parking tickets, ants. Mostly ants.

Trevor Berman

Trevor is managing our digital marketing activities here at Accelo, and turning his extensive skills and experience in everything digital to ramp up our lead generation and online acquisition tempo. 

Trevor was born, and raised in, Los Angeles California. He moved to San Francisco 7+ years ago to attend San Francisco State University, and has loved it here ever since. While attending state college, Trevor earned his degree in Marketing, with a minor in Creative Writing. Applying his formal education and real life experience to his work, he was promoted to Director of Marketing for Platinum Ltd. Designs at the age of 21, while still finishing up school. Since then, he has worked in a similar role for other SaaS providers, and aside from excelling in a marketing role, he has a true passion for Sales, and customer experience, as well.

When not in the office, Trevor enjoys a variety of activities from snowboarding, to taking pictures of local musicians, and drawing and painting if time ever allows. He also loves to read and sites The Beat generation as among his favorite authors. Trevor is also very enthusiastic about music. So much so, that you will find tattoos hidden all over his body ranging from the Rolling Stones, to Velvet Underground, and more. Aside from going record hunting every week in San Francisco’s used vinyl stores, he attends many live shows, and loves all music ranging from acid jazz, to blues, to rock, to electronica, to folk, and much much more. He is also an avid fan of any strange facial hair, homeless rants about the government, and prefers whisky to beer.

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