Introducing the New Accelo Mobile App

By Ryu Calderon
Product Manager
Feb 12 2024 read

Have you heard? Accelo’s new mobile app has launched on iOS and Android!

When we first shared the early release beta version last year, our Engineering, Product and Design teams shared the two key factors driving the new mobile experience: a focus on improving the tools mobile users need most while simultaneously upgrading the underlying architecture.

Read on to uncover the architecture supporting these changes, the functionality you can expect, a sneak peek at the new look and where to download the new app.

The Architecture Behind the New Mobile App

The redesigned mobile application was built on Flutter, an open-source framework by Google. Using Flutter gives our Mobile team the ability to deliver updates more quickly, as well as use the same UI and business logic in Android and iOS — resulting in a more cohesive and reliable experience for all mobile users.

The modern, updated experience also better aligns with the new UI/UX of the web application rolling out with Accelo v4. These two coinciding updates will bring a more consistent user experience to all Accelo users, no matter how they access the platform. 

A Transition From Old to New

Now that the new app is available to download, we want to share more about what you can expect with the new mobile experience and the additional updates still to come. 

We’ve prioritized the work object screens that our clients use most to be able to share the new app experience sooner, but users familiar with the old Accelo app will notice some work objects are not yet available. 

As we continue to add more features to the new Accelo app, we understand that some mobile users may still prefer to use the original app, so it will remain available to download under the name Accelo (Classic) for the foreseeable future. This way, users can select the app that best suits their needs.

A Modern Mobile Experience

With the Accelo mobile app, you can now access the same efficiency-boosting UI of Accelo v4 on the go. Here are some of the new screens you’ll find:


Get a quick glance at what’s important and conveniently search for what you need.




Easily log work hours on the go.


Stay informed with the latest updates from your team and your clients.



Submit and approve expenses using the new, modern interface.



Take control of your time and record your work with precise time tracking.


Communicate instantly by sending emails directly from the app.


Review and manage your tasks and checklists.

We are currently working on the Create Task functionality and plan to release it later this quarter. This addition will allow users to create new tasks directly from the app. Currently, the new mobile app only allows users to manage existing tasks. Future updates will be released as soon as they are ready.

Download Accelo — The New Mobile App

Boost your productivity on the go — visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the new app today! 

We’re excited to share this fresh new way to access Accelo and look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new experience. We encourage you to share feedback using the Feedback button in the top-right corner of the app. 

Explore our help guides to learn more about the new app functionality. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or in the Accelo Community.

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