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By Nick Clark
Oct 19 2021 read

Every business is constantly trying to run things more efficiently. That’s good, but sometimes business owners can get so focused on their internal operations that they forget to optimize the way they deal with clients. 

That’s where client database software comes in. It helps you organize and find company contacts with ease for better client interactions — and smoother operations overall. 

What Are Company Contacts? ‌

Project collaboration software uses company contacts to keep everyone in the loop. It helps you communicate not only with staff but also with any clients involved in your latest project.

Company contacts are much the same as the contacts in your phone. They include the professional contact information for your clients, including the company the person works for along with their work phone number, work email, and company mailing address.

How Do I Find A Company’s Contacts?‌

Please note that we're using the term “Companies” in our examples. In your deployment, you might have used Accelo's customization to rename “Companies” as Clients or Businesses.

If you just store this information in a document, spreadsheet, or on a piece of paper it can quickly get unwieldy and disorganized. A company with hundreds of clients would have to sift through a mountain of paper or scroll through a mile-long document to get the information they need.

Client database management software takes the hassle out of finding the contact information for your clients. With Accelo, you’d use the Contact Manager to find your client information. 

There are a couple of different ways to find contacts within Accelo: 

  • Run a search for a specific company name in the search bar. You can do this from any page. Tip: You can direct the search by typing Companies >> *tab* to focus the search only on Company names.

  • See a list of all companies in your contacts by selecting Companies from the left side menu, then See All Companies in the top right corner.

Once you’ve got the list of companies pulled up, you can refine your results using one of several filters. First, click Configure button at the top right. Next, for example, you can filter by client status (lead, active, inactive, etc.), which of your staff is managing the account, or by any tags associated with the contact, just to name a few.

If needed you can find more about Custom Lists options. 

If you are used to Classic Lists, this option is still available. Click Show Classic Lists when selecting the modal on the left. 


What Are the Benefits of Client Database Management Software?‌

Client database management software handles every interaction you have with a client, not just their phone number. It can be incredibly helpful in deciding when and how to contact someone, and it can often be automated. 

Accelo’s client database lets you easily create, export, and access company contact information for your clients. Multiple users can have access, and individual staff members can be assigned to specific clients or groups of clients. 

  • Data and Analytics
  • Personalized Interactions
  • More Efficient Communication
  • Find Important Information More Quickly
  • Automatically Create New Contacts

1. Data and Analytics‌

Client database management software can help you keep track of each client’s activity. You can see how often they engage with your messages and communication and tailor the results accordingly. 

That gives you insight into what kinds of communication are effective. If someone is constantly opening your emails but never responding to texts, for example, you can adjust accordingly and focus on the communication channel that’s working. 

Accelo’s client management feature also lets you see the status of conversations, track your sales, manage contact records, and stay on top of project progress. 

2. Personalized Interactions‌

Being able to easily find contacts means you know exactly whom you need to talk to and where that person is in the sales funnel. Knowing that, you can tailor your communication according to past interactions, like what that person bought or what stage of the project you’re on.

For sales communication, this means more personalized and effective messaging. According to consulting firm McKinsey and Co., personalized messages can increase customer loyalty and boost revenue by up to 30%.

For professional communications, it means never dropping the ball with a client. Not only will you be able to find their information with this software; you’ll also be able to see past interactions and relevant information before the conversation starts. 

3. More Efficient Communication‌

A centralized database of company contacts gives you the power to communicate with all your clients at once, in the same place. If you need to send a social media direct message to a customer or a project update email to a client, you can do it with client database software. 

4. Find Important Information More Quickly‌

You won’t have to spend minutes or hours flipping through cards or hunting through a manual list with this software. A quick search will take you right to the person you need and display the relevant contact information so you can get in touch. Accelo will even save your searches, complete with filters, so you can use them later. 

5. Automatically Create New Contacts‌

To save even more time, Accelo’s platform allows you to create new contacts in a variety of ways. For example, you can create new contacts via email. 

Where before, you might have had to manually move all your company contacts from one system to another, Accelo can help you do that automatically. Once you’ve built a contact list, you can easily export it in CSV format for easy mail merging.

After you’ve created the contact, you can add as much supplemental information as you want. There are fields for everything from comments on your latest interaction, to a client’s website, to their Twitter handle. How detailed you make each entry is totally up to you.

Ready to Streamline Your Data?‌

If your business is using an outdated system, or several different systems, to manage client contacts and communication, Accelo can help bring everything together. 

A good client database software allows you to find the right contacts quickly, which makes communication with the right people faster and more efficient. It can also show you helpful patterns, like what forms of communication your clients or customers respond to the most. 

Since client databases save interactions as well as contact information, you won’t lose the thread of a conversation and waste time backtracking. You’ll be able to see where you are in a project before contacting your client so you know exactly what to address. 

A well-organized database also saves you time by allowing you to easily share information at scale and create new contacts automatically. You spend less time on data entry and more time on the things that matter.

If you’re ready to streamline your contacts and learn how an efficient database can work for your business, visit our website for a free trial of Accelo. When you’re ready to upgrade or if you have any questions, you can contact us for help. 

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