The All-In-One Client Database Management Software Solution

Collaborate with your team on your customer relationships with Accelo.

A shared client database gives your team a single, synchronized and intelligent platform, so you can see the work you're doing (and have done) for all clients in real time.

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Accelo's client database management feature for client lists

Multi-User Access of Central Client Database

All of your users can access a single, central, and always up-to-date client database.

Accelo's client database management feature for company dashboard

View Client Relationships

Using our client dashboard, you gain a window to all your client activities, you can check the status of your conversations, see all sales, track your projects, and manage your records.

Accelo's database export feature for client database management

Database Export (for Mail Merge)

Export out your contact in an Excel format for easy mail merging and more detailed analysis.

Accelo's intelligent client database manager for automatically creating contacts from email

Automatically Create Contacts via Email

Automatically add contacts into your database via email.

Accelo's client database management portal feature for filtering clients

Powerful Search, Filtering and Reporting

Slice and dice your companies and contacts, and save search queries for each reuse with filters.

Accelo's custom fields for client database management

Custom Fields, Lists and Categories

Create custom fields against companies and contacts, and segment companies and contacts into lists, helping you to organize and maintain your database the way you want to.

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