Have More Flexibility with Your Contracts and Retainers: Introducing Defined Task Rates

12-Apr 2017

If you have recurring work or contracts with clients, like managing SEO/SEM campaigns, website maintenance, or even accounting work, Retainers are a great way for you to automate those repetitive processes. Up until now though, you were only able to bill for a single rate on your contracts, which was limiting. When you have different tasks you’re working on for a client that, by nature, have different billable rates (think: creating a blog post vs. designing a website) you should be able to define different rates for those tasks in your contract or retainer - and now you can.

With our new defined rates feature, you can specify different rates for different types of work under a single contract or retainer. When you create a template for a task (i.e. website maintenance), you can specify specific rates for them, or choose to leave it with the original rate you set - whatever works for you.

Defined task rate2By allowing you more flexibility when it comes to choosing your rates for different tasks that you're working on, the entire recurring contract or retainer process becomes a lot more streamlined, simple, and automatic - so that you can get back to focusing on your clients and the work you love. 

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