7 Secrets to Scaling an Accounting Practice

5 Feb, 2016 Posted by Arielle Shnaidman

Whether you’re a team of one or slowly growing, you’ve thought about scaling your accounting practice at some point—right? You’re great at crunching numbers, but what about optimizing your workflow?...


4 Feb, 2016

3 Reasons Accountants Need to Revamp Their Email

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As an accountant, you try to stay on top of everything, but probably end up drowning in your overflowing inbox more often than not. Sounds like a drama-thriller movie in the making: Accountants and the Ongoing Email Battle (okay, maybe not). That aside, it’s safe to say a lot of practices are still dealing with email...
Prof Dash New

3 Feb, 2016

The New Profitability Dashboard Is Live!

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Tired of waiting on accounting for end of the month reports to figure out how profitable your business is? With the new Profitability Dashboard, you can see the cost of your staff to your business and how profitable the work they are doing is - in real time. Profitability Dashboard Intro   The Profitability Dashboard works...

2 Feb, 2016

Consultants: Want to Generate More Revenue? Start With This.

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As a consultant, you’re probably familiar with mismanaged projects. Unfortunately, that’s no surprise since one of the biggest reasons for them is a lack of communication and collaboration between team members, including their clients. On that note, here are three reasons consultants should invest in better project collaboration software: 1. Decision making The most successful projects are...

29 Jan, 2016

3 Must-Haves for Iron-clad Project Management Software

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As a project manager, you’re always juggling between demands from your clients, your team’s schedules and capabilities, and the overall scope of the project itself. You’d think short-term projects would be slightly easier to manage, but it turns out that’s not the case. Even with the best of intentions, over a quarter of projects[resources/white-papers/blind-sweat-and-tears/], like developing a...
Prof webinar blog

28 Jan, 2016

Sneak Peek Profitability Dashboard Webinar [Video]

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Today, we hosted a webinar that showcased a sneak-peek of the all-new Profitability Dashboard. We're excited to announce that the Profitability Dashboard will be live tomorrow. You'll be able to see how profitable your business is in real time by viewing your staff costs and revenue so that you can make the best decisions for your business. In...
Continuum Blog Post

28 Jan, 2016

Continuum now integrates with Accelo PSA!

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Today we're excited to announce our first new partner application for 2016: Continuum! continuum+accelov2 Continuum[] is a provider of cloud-based IT management software such as RMM and BDR tools, and today we're releasing our integration with their RMM system so that tickets created through their alerts processes are synchronized in both directions with Accelo's ticket tracking and...

26 Jan, 2016

3 Signs Your Projects Are Eating Your Profits

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As someone who works at a digital agency, you know how quickly projects can add up (like when you start waking up at 3:00 AM gasping in a panic — not fun). Managing those projects effectively is not only important for your sanity, but it’s critical if you want to stay profitable. For businesses like...

23 Jan, 2016

3 Reasons The Tax Advice You’re Giving Clients Could Be Costing You

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Did you know client work that spans around two months can represent 16% of the total revenue of the profit for an accounting firm[assets/Uploads/Blind-Sweat-Tears-White-Paper-Accelo.pdf]? Things like tax advice don’t drag over several months, meaning accountants usually deal with a high volume of shorter projects to generate a steady stream of revenue. What many don’t realize though, is...
Profitability Webinar Blog

22 Jan, 2016

Sneak Peek of the new Profitability Dashboard: Webinar

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As promised in our Q1 priorities blog post, our first big release for 2016 is our brand new Profitability Dashboard! Anyone running a business knows how important profitability is to success - and even survival! The way most businesses track profitability today is a bit like driving by looking through your rear view mirror -...