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5 Ways to Get Buy in from your Team

2 Dec, 2016 Posted by Arielle Shnaidman

Whether you’ve got a stellar idea or you’re trying to implement something new at work, you’ll have to get buy in from your team if you want to see results.


29 Nov, 2016

Accelo JIRA Beta

Posted by Arielle Shnaidman - 0 comments

JIRA is one of the most popular ways for developers to manage their workload, plan their priorities and track their time. While Accelo has had a JIRA integration for over three years, it’s only been able to connect JIRA issues to the Accelo Service (or Ticket) Module. Additionally, the current...
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28 Nov, 2016

Projects Module Upgrade - Improving the Project List Screen

Posted by Hugh Cowling and Geoff McQueen - 0 comments

As promised, upgrades and improvements to our Projects Module are a big part of our Q4 Priorities[sitetree_link,id=1927]. Given the importance of Projects to our clients, our team has been working on improving usability and enriching the planning and reporting features of the Project module. Today we're excited to be releasing...

17 Nov, 2016

Project Management Planning for Disjointed Teams

Posted by Arielle Shnaidman - 0 comments

If you work at a digital agency or consulting firm, you probably grapple with competing priorities on a daily basis. If your definition of “busy” feels more like “frazzled” (i.e. you and your team typically scramble to finish projects at what feels like the last minute) then it’s time to...
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2 Nov, 2016

Join our Zapier Beta!

Posted by Arielle Shnaidman - 0 comments

One of the most requested features in our ideas forum (with almost 100 votes!)[] has been to integrate Accelo with Zapier. We've been working away quietly in the background building support for Zapier (and webhooks in general[]), and the great news is that we're now ready for some clients to...
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2 Nov, 2016

Requests Module Upgrade

Posted by Arielle Shnaidman - 0 comments

*We've just released a big upgrade to the Requests module - now you and your colleagues can create requests on behalf of your clients!* Accelo's Requests Module is like a shared inbox or the triage ward at the ER - requests from clients come in and then you and your team...

27 Oct, 2016

How to Sync your Calendly Calendar with Accelo

Posted by Arielle Shnaidman - 0 comments

As a busy professional, you're focused on delivering outstanding work to your clients. That being said, things can get pretty hectic when you’re trying to keep up with “busywork” like admin and scheduling tasks, so much so that it can get in the way of doing the work you love....

25 Oct, 2016

Accelerating Triggers in Accelo

Posted by Geoff McQueen - 0 comments

Accelo's Triggers Module allows users of our Premium tier to set up automated actions - including things like creating tasks, sending emails or updating fields or statuses - across Companies, Contacts, Requests, Sales, Projects, Issues and Retainers. With Triggers, you can set up Accelo to run your business and processes...

21 Oct, 2016

How to Cut Your Invoicing Cycle by 70%

Posted by Arielle Shnaidman - 0 comments

What would it mean for your business if you could shorten your invoicing cycle by 70%? giphy 38[sitetree_link,id=548] First and foremost, it would mean more money in the bank, faster. For a lot of businesses though, the struggle of drawn out billing cycles, late payments, and having to chase clients for what’s...
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13 Oct, 2016

Priorities for Q4 of 2016

Posted by Geoff McQueen - 0 comments

Well, we're into the final quarter for 2016 and after surviving the tsunami that was the invoicing upgrade over the last few months, we're excited to have clear decks and a bunch of exciting projects to prioritize in Q4. Given the massive scope of the Invoicing Upgrade, a number of our...