Product Spotlight: Expensify Integration [Video]

May 16 2019 read

Over the last several months, our team has cranked out many new product features and upgrades to deck out your Accelo experience.

Remember back in December when Santa and his elves delivered four new features? Or our February push of betas that went live back-to-back? In our latest product launch, fresh out of beta is our Expensify Integration.

Expensify is well-known for creating a better way to enter, approve and reimburse team members for their expenses. While Accelo applies those expenses to the work you do for clients so you can get paid on time and accurately. The integration between Expensify and Accelo gives you the power to not just manage, approve and reimburse expenses, but create revenue from them too.

Integration Advantages

Accelo's Expensify Integration joins the forces of both platforms and gives you the ability to pull the details of the expenses, which have been recorded in Expensify into Accelo against the relevant project, ticket, or retainer. Have real-time access to the profitability details and easy billing offered by Accelo and efficiently reimburse expenses through Expensify.

"We want to ensure that your team doesn't spend all day dealing with expenses, giving them the time they need to continue offering your clients the best service possible," said Mahlon Duke, Product Manager at Accelo. "We're excited to partner with Expensify to take one more chore off of your team's plate, and get them back to the work they love."

  • Profitability

Think back to those times when you realized that your projects were less profitable than you initially thought at the end of the month - once you plugged in flights, accommodations, and the unexpected purchases. Now, you can track your profitability in real-time by automatically syncing your expenses with your projects, tickets and retainers. This gives you an accurate view of your profitability while eliminating surprises at the end of the month.

  • Invoicing

Accelo makes it easy to include all the important details of your work on a single invoice, automatically. It ensures your invoice is never rejected again by automatically including your expense information in the invoice.

  • Automation

Utilize Expensify's award-winning technology to make expense entry easy as can be, and reap the benefits of automated sync with your clients' projects, tickets or retainers in Accelo. Approvals made in Expensify are automatically synchronized, saving you time and hassle.

Expensify Integration Beta Users Sound Off

Get more insight from some of our current Accelo users who have participated in the integration beta program:

Bernard Mangelsdorf of BITS Technology Group, Managed IT Services Provider and IT Consultancy Firm, shared how they found Expensify, and soon after they started using it Accelo launched the integration and how his team jumped on it quickly.

"Before Accelo, we kept track of our expenses and billing, not even with spreadsheets but just in the back of our minds. Now we have a full-scale process in which we use Expensify to create expense reports, and then carry out our billing through Accelo once the project is finished," Bernard explained.

Noah Hopping's FiveSix Healthcare, consulting business, has a diverse community of consultants (employed and contractors) who create expense reports in Expensify.

Noah shared, "What’s most appealing about this integration is the ability to invoice for hours and expenses at the end of the month, and then bring them into projects they belong to on Accelo."

Ensure that your project managers know exactly where their budget is, and that your employees never have to foot the bill. Check out the Expensify Integration to simply take a picture, and get on with your life! If you're new to Accelo and would like to give the integration a try - sign up for Accelo today! 

Watch our Product Spotlight video to learn more about the integration: 


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