Why Your Service Business Needs Tickets

Three Reasons Tickets are Essential for Any Service Business

7-Mar 2019
Building Revenue

IT professionals have used tickets for years as an instrumental part of their work. What they don't realize, though, is that when done right, they can also be exceptionally useful for consultants, agencies, accountants and many other types of service businesses that don't specifically focus on technical-driven tasks. Particularly when it comes to short-term billable work that can be done for a client in a singular phase, i.e. consulting session, fixing a bug, or training sessions. With modern ticket tracking tools, make tickets part of your business' profitability, and how you generate and create revenue.

Here's three ways in which tickets really impact the prosperity of your service business:

1. Your clients' projects matter and influence their impression

Small client projects matter to your business. Trust and reliability are staples when it comes to the representation of your business. How you deliver them reflects on the quality and competency that you approach your work in the eyes of your clients, regardless of whether or not they're big moneymakers. While a 30 minute request from a client isn't a huge lift, when compared to the $15,000 yearly project, if you don't put time and effort into the small tasks, there's a greater chance they will not trust you with the big projects, and your valuable client might move to another service provider.

2. Consistent communication is key to your relationships

Your day-to-day is jam-packed with tasks and it's difficult to constantly keep track of your to-do list at the top of your head. It was reported that 23% of digital agencies surveyed that their biggest challenge would be managing their time. Leverage tools to ensure that your responsibilities don't fall through the cracks. While email has simplified the communication area with our colleagues and clients, it shouldn't be the only way we keep track of tasks.

This is where ticket tracking can be incredibly helpful, especially if the tickets are synchronized with you and your colleagues email inboxes. Receive updates in real-time and keep your entire team informed and on the same page; helping boost collaborative efforts and communication among the team. 

3. Ensure time and effort are productive/profitable

Tickets can help you deliver service for both love and money. Even when it comes to smaller projects, the service you deliver for clients is how you make money and stay in business. While there are times you deliberately choose not to charge clients for the small projects you complete or questions you answer, having the ability to do so is important. This is especially true for businesses that partner with their clients. As you do a better job of answering their questions reliably and professionally, they're going to inquire more questions of you and depend on you more. Thus, whether you charge by the hour or as part of a service agreement or retainer, it is critical that the tool you use for ticket tracking is able to help you make money, not just reduce your service costs.

While it might appear that there are hundreds of ticket tracking tools out there, when you focus in on those that sync with your regular email automatically, allow you to customize your workflows, and which have built in time tracking and billing, the field narrows to just a handful. If you're looking for a solution that is built specifically for service businesses, like accountants, agencies, architects, engineers, agencies, consultancies, IT services and more then give Accelo a try today! 

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