Account Managers: Embrace Ticket Tracking

Tickets Aren't Just For Techies: Why Account Managers Need Ticket Tracking

May 1 2019 read

As an account manager, you're the bridge between your company and your clients. It's up to you to make sure your clients are happy with their services for the long haul. This demands you to be organized, communicate thoroughly and frequently, develop long-term strategic plans, and more.

One of the last things that come to mind is investing and using a ticketing system. This is often left to the agency's tech team to figure out and implement, but what agencies have failed to understand is how Tickets can be leveraged for other service business professionals - specifically account managers - and bring in revenue for the business.

Here are 8 ways Ticket Tracking will make your job easier:

  1. Keep Everything in One Place: With a multifunctional Ticketing System, you have the ability to view and manage important functions in one place. Integrate with a wide range of leading online services to oversee your tickets, time, data, and finances all from one platform in real-time.

  2. Don't Let Important Emails Slip Through The Cracks: With email tracking, efficiently and automatically track time on all your client-related back and forth email communications.

  3. Stop Relying On Your Inbox as Your To-Do List: Your relationships with your clients are too important to rely solely on your inbox to maintain all your requests and billable work. This is where ticket tracking can help manage key tasks and make sure you complete each one.

  4. Access and Ease of a Mobile Timer: If you ever handle client business in-person such as a consulting session or general client work, you can leverage your mobile timer to track your meeting down to the minute.

  5. Accurate and Efficient Billing & Contract: Keep track of tickets and make sure things are progressing on time and done in a timely manner as well as accurate billing for the services you provided.

  6. Maintain In-Depth Client Records: Instead of shuffling through your emails or old files, store all-important client services, and Tickets so that you can easily reference previous work done on the client's behalf.

  7. Easily Oversee All Activities: With activity tracking, at a glance, keep track of all your team and client communications in one place. Stay in the loop in case one of your team members goes on vacation and you need to step in on their behalf.

  8. Get a Real-Time Overview of All Your Tickets: With a tickets dashboard, track and follow all your tickets and pivotal details in real-time, making it easier to oversee the status of each one.

A Ticketing System like Accelo's makes Tickets a key part of your day-to-day to streamline work efforts and nurture client relationships for the long term. If you're looking for an integrated Ticket Tracking System that'll ensure you'll stay on top of all your client tasks, ensure you don't let anything fall through the cracks, foster loyal client relationships, and is specifically built for your agency, give Accelo a try!

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