" Teams are great at helping clients but the processes in place do not fully support the scope of their work. "
Founder and CEO

Why Expert Project Managers Run on ServOps

Hugh Macfarlane founded align.me, a B2B marketing firm, over 15 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Today, they serve clients in North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. As the Founder and CEO, Hugh has positioned align.me to be a strategy and full-service B2B marketing firm. However, his team was missing one key ingredient: a service operations platform to streamline client communications, manage retainers, and increase project visibility.

Key Challenges

As B2B marketing consultants, align.me’s work is client-facing, typically working with sales and marketing teams helping them maximize their growth. align.me prides themselves on their ability to improve companies whose systems lack a clear plan for growth. Commonly, their clients need an external agency to come in to train them on marketing and sales skills, so they can better do their job. This methodology is called Funnel Logic. The M.O. includes unlocking B2B growth through understanding the buyer’s journey and process. Clients are then able to dissect how many steps buyers need to take on each part of their journey and over what period of time. The tactics they select are capable of moving buyers through steps, measuring results, and working on improvements. However, internally align.me was out of sync. That’s why they needed Accelo.


align.me came to Accelo through a recommendation given to their CTO. Why would a firm specializing in efficiency and strategizing need help with project management? Well, while their Funnel Logic teams were great at helping their clients, the processes in place at HQ did not fully support the scope of their work.

They needed to do some inner work because their business operates on two parts. Like many of our customers, they lacked an integrated platform. Business records were being held in one world and project planning was happening in another. Without service operations (ServOps) system, the everyday workflow wasn’t running smoothly.

The Results

Accelo was able to marry align.me’s two businesses, creating a central location for each client’s information to live. Of the many benefits of this, the module that sticks out the most is their new ability to work within retainers. Other project management platforms just didn’t compare. Accelo’s flexibility perfectly matches the robustness of their work. They utilize the regular attributes of retainers and benefits from the ability of Accelo’s retainers to inherit properties month-to-month. Operating with a retainer system helps make sure that their commitment to the client is being met. Today, they are truly producing deliverables on deadline. 

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