" I was working in spreadsheets on a monthly basis. I used to spend well over 10 hours a month exporting spreadsheets from these different tools to get my monthly reporting. Now there are no more spreadsheets. "
Director of Operations

Evenbound Recovers $10k in Revenue with Accelo

The "Old Way" of Managing Business Operations

Tonia Butterworth, the Director of Operations at Evenbound who focuses on project management strategies and execution for the agency, understands how imperative it is to have a tool in place that can support business operations. Prior to investing in Accelo, the Evenbound team was using an array of tools for business operations including Asana for project management, Clockify for time tracking, and Proposify for proposals - just to name a few.

“It became a lot more challenging to have to pull information from different tools along with our accounting tool to put together monthly reports,” Tonia said. “We ended up being more reactive than proactive.”

In addition to the challenge that comes with disparate tools, Nate Silvey - an Account Manager at Evenbound - found that the team needed more transparency within each client account. Before Accelo, there was no simple and streamlined way to determine how much time was being spent on a task, who was assigned to what project, and how each team member was being utilized.

Time for Change: Searching for a New System

It became clear that the team needed a new system that could support the business and its growth. With that in mind, they set to work with researching alternatives and identifying what features their new system needed. The President at Evenbound, John Heritage, did his due diligence by reaching out to other agencies for recommendations and participating in demos.

It was through this network that Evenbound discovered Accelo after hearing positive feedback from several agencies who leverage the system for themselves. The team then spent time reaching out to each one asking for more in-depth feedback to ensure it would be the right fit for Evenbound.

“What stood out to me about Accelo was the time and task management, all in one tool,” Tonia said. “I was also impressed with the client portal feature, specifically the Stream’s ability to keep track of everything going on in the business. Our agency is growing and with that, sometimes things get lost in communication. We're spread out. With COVID-19, everybody started working 100% remote at that time, so having that feature helps us constantly track what’s happening with our clients and team members."

Making an Impact at Evenbound

After making the decision to invest with Accelo and having a positive implementation experience, the team at Evenbound got to work right away by taking advantage of their new platform. In the first month alone, as the team began to consolidate information within Accelo from their other systems, Tonia discovered over $10,000 in revenue that they weren’t collecting. By having multiple tools that aren’t aligned with each other, it’s easy for information to fall through the cracks and important details to be missed.

“We didn’t have everything in one place,” Tonia said. “When you’re tracking time against something, you should be billing for it. That was a really good discovery and I don’t know how much time would have gone on before I would have caught that.”

On the client-side, Nate has found immense value in Accelo through its ability to plan ahead, keep the team hyper-focused on tasks, and help save time. Before Accelo, Nate and his team had to move between three different sites in their day-to-day. The travel time on switching between tools adds up and wastes time that could be spent on more meaningful work.

Making an Impact at Evenbound

“Before Accelo I had to move through different tabs like Clockify, Asana, and Google calendar,” Nate said. “Now there is one less tab to be distracted by on the computer and less information falling through the cracks in terms of what needs to get done for the week instead of just at that moment. We live within the Accelo workspace and that has saved us so much time.”

For Tonia, she spent around 10 hours per week on reviewing timesheets prior to Accelo - that number has since dropped to less than two. She can easily review timesheets in Accelo on a project and client level. This kind of visibility wasn’t available to her beforehand.

“I was working in spreadsheets on a monthly basis. I used to spend well over 10 hours a month exporting spreadsheets from these different tools to get my monthly reporting,” Tonia said. “Now there are no more spreadsheets.”


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