" My investigations into a suitable platform were extensive and Accelo didn't just come out as the favorite but was a clearly superior platform for our needs. I didn't even bother with a shortlist. If there was one, Accelo would be the only option. "
Operations Manager

How Accelo Helped This Company Cut Costs by 30%

When Impress!ve started years ago, it was with the notion that a majority of agencies implemented a “churn-and-burn” model. Impress!ve aimed to be different, so the company set the goal of changing that approach from running a company that went beyond just reiterating weekly tasks, and instead focus on providing quantifiable results.

Since its inception in 2016, the company has gone on to serve over 100 clients, and grown to 50 employees. With business booming, transparency and seamless communication became the highest priorities.


Brett Gorlin, the Operations Manager at Impress!ve Digital, found that the company had a lot of tools in place that were meant to make operations run seamlessly, but in reality, it did the exact opposite.

Prior to Accelo, Brett used Asana as his main project management tool, Xero for accounting, Harvest for time tracking, PandaDoc for agreements, G Suite for documents, and Microsoft for presentations - just to name a few. Brett knew this needed to change to save time and cost. “I had to find a platform that would consolidate this information into a central data source,” Brett said. “This would greatly eliminate the potential for error.”


It was then that Brett began his search for a solution. He took his time and due diligence to research several different platforms knowing that finding one that did everything he needed would require patience.

“I did a trial version of every project management and CRM-type of tool that I could find,” Brett recalls. “I must have looked at 20 before I chose Accelo.”

To keep track of his research, Brett put together a massive spreadsheet with each company’s key features, with detailed notes on the pros and cons of each. He found Accelo through a Google search and instantly became intrigued. Brett signed up for a trial, and his mind was almost immediately made up.

“By the end of the day, I realized Accelo was so far ahead of any other option I had on my list,” Brett recalls. “Rather than running the other seven bits of software that we were running, I now had a solution that included everything - Sales, Retainers, Projects, and Service. Accelo gave us the entire thing.”


After implementing Accelo, Brett noticed immediate changes. Once all of the information was consolidated into one platform, there was an increase in accuracy and more transparency between departments. Another benefit was around cost. Overall Impressive Digital saved 30% in licensing fees over managing the previous 6 different platforms and eased the burden of having to integrate these disparate systems. Looking back, Brett is confident that he made the right decision by implementing Accelo, and that’s reinforced on a daily basis.

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