" We have grown more confident and ambitious about the product and about our role in the market and are really looking forward to the future with Accelo "

The New Wave of Business

How LeapIT Doubled in Two Years and Increased Ticket Turnover by 50%

IT service provider LeapIT is one of Worcestershire’s IT gems. From the very first day, when Stuart Watson, CEO and Founder, opened his doors, he intended to grow his IT Consultancy business in the local area and beyond. As time went by, and the company grew steadily he began to feel the immense pressure to expand the business to meet the demand. “Personally, I felt so overwhelmed, I was stretched so thin just running the business day to day that I had no time to grow the business. It just made sense to start hiring additional people.” For Stuart, it was the ambition and the dedication he had that drove him to where he is today. It’s now been 15 years since Stuart’s humble beginning in 2001, and they now supply to over 250 businesses, some of whom have been with LeapIT since the very beginning.

It All Began With a Leap of Faith

As with any major change that happens with any company, it didn’t happen overnight. The biggest internal shift happened for LeapIT back in 2014, when Chris Boehm, an old colleague of Stuart, and now Technical Director for LeapIT, approached Stuart with an idea. He wanted to create a united front, by combining forces and scaling efforts across the United Kingdom. For Stuart, the decision was clear; he wanted to start winning IT service contracts further afield, but needed additional support to effectively scale the business. “Pretty soon after we joined forces, Chris introduced me to Accelo. From a business point of view, there were no tools out there that could really compare with the simplicity and utility that I saw with Accelo.” For Stuart and the team at LeapIT, the decision was an easy one to make.

Today, with the help of Accelo, Stuart and his team have been able to move beyond the local area and have started providing their services throughout the UK. “By building our company with the right foundation and the right internal software to support those efforts, we have been able to scale efficiently and productively. In the past 2 years, LeapIT has doubled in size and increased turnover by 50%. For LeapIT, growing at such a quick pace forced them to be introspective about their own strengths and weaknesses. “First of all, the complete redesign of all our internal systems has been a huge undertaking. When your business is growing, it grows more complex, and that’s precisely when you need something that will help you simplify your workflows—Accelo’s automation really saved us.” Stuart recognized that the deployment of Accelo throughout the company together with moving to a new accounting system was just the beginning for them at LeapIT. “I am happy to say that we have had an immensely successful year. But having said that, I still feel like we have a long road ahead. We have doubled in size, and just this year we have managed over 585 projects with Accelo! Chris and I are so very proud of the achievements we’ve made. We have come such a long way, but we are finally here, and honestly, we owe a lot of this to Accelo for managing our business.”

Everyone Needs Support

Being aware of the inefficiencies that surrounded his business was the major reason they decided to deploy Accelo throughout the company. LeapIT support staff would unknowingly provide support to customers who hadn’t yet paid for those services, leaving Stuart with no way to keep track of what was happening within his business. Not only did it create a lot of unnecessary administrative work for the company, but it was actually costing LeapIT hundreds of pounds a month. It was difficult to secure payment after the service had been provided, and LeapIT was often forced to chase customers for payment having already provided the service — something a business should never have to do.

Thanks to Accelo, Stuart can now relax knowing payment happens instantaneously. “This year alone, we’ve raised over 3,882 tickets - it’s truly incredible. We now, have a pay-as-you-go system that allows our customers to take out and pay for IT Support within five minutes of calling. This has helped us, because now we don’t have to chase our customers and we collect the payment before we do the service.” When discussing the LeapIT invoicing cycle, Stuart added, “Of course this problem isn’t unique to LeapIT, but to be honest, since we started using Accelo, we have seen such a major change in our invoicing cycle and we haven’t looked back.”  

It Was All a Matter of Time

Accelo has allowed us to create a system based on prepaid blocks of times for our customers for IT Support, and thanks to the Retainers product, it automatically deducts any time spent on issues within that block. Aside from the money chasing, LeapIT learned a game-changing fact about their business after adopting Accelo—they had been doing a lot of work for free. Having their support staff spending five minutes here, and ten minutes there, supporting clients without any time-tracking tools, really added up. Accelo added up those few minutes over an entire month, and it turned out that they had been offering five to six hours a month of free services. Accelo showed them where a lot of their money had been going (out the window). Now, with Accelo’s automated time-tracker, they are able to track their time without thinking twice and can easily enroll their customers in a monthly retainer contract for support. Stuart put it bluntly when he said, “We are no longer giving away free time, and because of that, we’ve increased our net profit by 14% in the past two years.”

The Change That Changed It All

What’s really interesting, is that the implementation of Accelo has lead to an incredible change in company attitude and culture. “The thing is, I am happy to say that with Accelo, I have reclaimed my time and my staff’s time. I don’t have to work crazy hours anymore trying to remember everything that’s going on in the business as Accelo does this for me. Accelo has given me back the time to strategize and plan and work “on” the business rather than “in” the business and that is a great position to be in.”

All this sounds a little too good to be true, but LeapIT is part of a new wave of lean businesses that owe their efficiencies to Accelo and the suite of tools it brings. “As an Accelo customer and reseller, we have a choice to put our money behind a solution that can really make a difference to any business. We have already started rolling out Accelo to a number of our clients and the initial feedback has been very positive. We have grown more confident and ambitious about the product and about our role in the market and are really looking forward to the future with Accelo.”

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