" One of the important reasons we chose Accelo is because it looks good, it's intuitive and customizable. "
CEO and Founder

How Accelo Is Helping This Architecture Firm Save $12k Per Year

Time for a change:

Almost every service business industry has been affected by technological advances, but architecture has largely been untouched. The industry as a whole has been run the same way for a long time, and while technology has changed the way most industries operate, architecture has yet to catch up in this area. That's why Method Architecture, a company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is embracing technology to provide exceptional architectural services to 20+ clients.

Key Challenges:

Josh Kunkel, CEO and Founder of Method Architecture, is focused on how people feel and interact with architecture. The company is dedicated to providing great experiences for their clients. With this ambitious goal in mind, Josh realized he needed a solution that would support his vision. Prior to implementing Accelo, Josh relied on Asana, but quickly found it had limitations that were hurting his business.

"Before Accelo, we were finding these limits of what could and could not be done with Asana," Josh explains. "So we were losing a lot of valuable data just in the void and we weren't tracking it."

Josh also spent a majority of his time on manual admin work. Before Accelo, Josh noticed there was a lack of tracking time with dollars in relation to project budgets. He found that he had no visibility into projects, and he didn't really know how and where time was being spent. Additionally, Method was not accurately tracking leads or potential sales.


After realizing his company needed a platform that could support his vision, Josh began his search. While considering Deltek Ajera, Josh's wife, Beth, found Accelo while searching online for a CRM tool, and recommended he give it a try since it would serve both of their needs. Once he started looking into it, he quickly realized it was completely in line with what he wanted.

"Right away, we were impressed with how the platform looked," Josh recalls. "We're architects and so everything that we do has to look good. We're very visual. One of the important reasons we chose Accelo is because it looks good, it's intuitive and customizable."


Method struggled with other tools including Asana which lacked the ability to associate time tracking and the budgets associated with them with each other. Accelo helped tie it together, and as a bonus, provided sales tracking and proposal building that seamlessly roll into new projects. Josh has found the Sales and Projects products to be particularly useful, and provides the type of transparency the company lacked in the beginning.

"Just having that visibility has made a huge difference," Josh says. "So, now that we're having new projects come up and we're doing proposals for new projects, we can go back and look and see, 'Okay, how much time did we actually spend?' So then we can gauge whether we were right or not."

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