" I have no doubt that we will reach the ambitious goals we have for our future. We have Accelo on our side, making it more likely we will get there "

Supercharged by Smart Technology: How Prophix Successfully Doubled their Business

Delivering value to their customers has always been their “thing.” Started in the late 80s in Canada as distributors of software solutions for finance departments, Prophix quickly realized that they could deliver more value to their customers if they built their own product. Thus began their mission to develop a solution that empowered their users to be more forward-thinking and proactive when making decisions. It may seem like a rather confusing beginning, but for Dara Ingoldsby, “it’s the beginning that led Prophix to where they are today with global offices.”

Lost in the clutter

Prophix started as the brainchild of the company’s founders, Paul Barber and Bob Walker. It was their blood, sweat, and tears that went into the early work of Prophix. “I started to help out in the professional service side about a year and a half ago in the United Kingdom office,” Dara mentioned. Soon after he started, he realized that projects were stored in different programs and in multiple different formats, and it turned into a race for Dara to find the perfect tool to run the projects efficiently. “It was impossible to find information you needed, everything was buried in documents and folders, and there was no way of getting an accurate status for any project.” When looking for a tool, he needed to make sure that it was able to manage all of their projects, while enabling their staff to provide good service. “I needed a tool that would make sure we weren’t wasting all our time or dropping balls with customers.”

One of the main priorities Dara searched for when browsing through recommended products was a tool that they could use to streamline their processes. “Prior to finding Accelo, I tried other products that were difficult to navigate, and I quickly realized they didn’t have the depth of functionality that I needed.” But when he found Accelo, he knew it was a keeper. “First off, I knew Accelo was the right tool for us when I saw how easy it was to use. It takes project collaboration and workflow management to the next level. It was quite literally love at first sight. Or in this case, at first demo.”

How the project management team has been transformed

Once they had Accelo, Dara recognized the importance of creating a repeatable process for his team that gave everyone the visibility they needed. “In our effort to build a structured process, we realized that no feature is more important than visibility. In a small company like ours, no one lives in a silo: everyone works for our customer.” But plowing through the mess was an arduous process. The team seemed to have a million different ways of doing things, and no real insight into the actual time spent producing a project. Luckily, they had Accelo to assist them. Accelo gave the team the tools they needed to create structure while giving them complete visibility into ongoing work. “With Accelo’s activity stream, our team has access to all client-related email and communication. This ensures that everyone, including myself, is exposed to our customers’ pain, providing greater incentive to prioritize and fix recurring problems.”

Knowing that all their procedures and workflows were stored in Accelo, Dara and his team decided to hire a few employees with no prior project management experience.The UK expansion could have been a massive headache for the small UK-based team at Prophix, but with the help of Accelo, they were able to smoothly double in size in a little over a year. “It was so easy for the new staff members to learn the processes, and to navigate through their work. Had we not had Accelo, all new staff members would have had to manually consolidate all information from multiple sources. And, quite frankly, I don’t think it would have been possible to expand as quickly as we did.” Adopting Accelo has also made things easier for Dara when team members transition. “I can easily go into their projects and see what they have been doing, where the projects are and what else needs to be done. So even though they are no longer around, it’s super easy for me to handle their tasks. I don’t have to go through endless computer files. I can just go into Accelo and see everything.”

Big Results Now and in the Future

Overall, the company’s expansion and the creation of new workflows has helped Dara and his team finalize their projects on time and on budget. “Prior to Accelo, we had no way of tracking the time spent on each project, and we often would have one member of the team burn through all the allocated hours—we no longer have that happening.” For Prophix, they are now able to see in real-time the hours that have been spent on each project and the profit margin. “With Accelo, we have been billing out 10% more a week. And in terms of our actual revenue, we have seen an increase of about 25%. This is a great start, and we are hoping for more.”

Accelo has made the professional service side of Prophix a one-stop shop. Since everything is now stored within the platform, the team can easily see existing emails, plan out projects, see the status of remaining tasks, and even assign themselves work. “It saves my team so much time. Now, they can spend the time working with clients instead of doing administrative work.” With all the time their staff is saving, they are reaching for higher goals. Prophix aims to maintain a 20-30% growth rate over the next 5+ years. “I have no doubt that we will reach the ambitious goals we have for our future. We have Accelo on our side, making it more likely we will get there.” 

Result: With everything stored in one integrated platform, Prophix is now billing out 10% more each week by spending more time on clients instead of admin work.

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