" As a business owner, I like knowing what time has been spent on what projects and the general overview Accelo gives me "

Virya Technologies provides a range of ethical technology solutions from website design and management to server installation, network upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. Their services are "grounded in environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions which have a minimal impact on the world in which we live." Virya Technologies specializes in Joomla! website design, Linux server support, SEO, and other cloud solutions. They were recognized in Suffolk's #Future50 as a developing global business to watch. "Virya Technologies is actively working with UK Trade and Industry to develop its international presence and has already demonstrated rapid growth in the past 12 months through measured development and an element of risk-taking."

Disjointed systems and staff

When it comes to running a business that specializes in multiple, remote services across a variety of industries, management becomes a significant facet of how the company operates. It’s about keeping everybody in the loop and saving a client record.

Prior to adopting Accelo, Virya Technologies had been juggling several different systems that handled support, project management and contact management. “After doing the numbers, we realized that it was more expensive to have multiple systems,” director Ruth Cheesley explains. In an attempt to streamline, they moved to WorkETC. One of the most crucial features to their business process was tracking time on projects. “[WorkETC.’s] silverlight time tracking proved cumbersome.” They continued to search for a system to fit their specific needs. In the end, they wanted “one system that did virtually everything and integrated with other stuff”, so they moved into both Xero and Accelo.

The results

After transferring data to Accelo and Xero, Virya Technologies completed their system transition to include contact management, project management, sales, time tracking, and accounting (in Xero). “The biggest benefit has been the time tracking tool. With the system, I can know who’s working on what project and can see what causes overruns.” Since a part of Virya Technologies’ services is to provide ongoing support, another feature that they’ve found to be particularly useful is having invoicing tied to support tickets.“This makes everything transparent for the clients,” Ruth says.

Virya Technologies have been using Accelo for about a year now, and have endorsed many other notable features, such as email syncing across the team. “As a business owner, I like knowing what time has been spent on what projects and the general overview it gives me.”

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