Client Success Story

A Simple Approach Doubles IT Consultancy’s Revenue and Profits


Fluidity shook up the IT industry using Accelo’s intuitive features and simplified interface while offering critical network security and portal visibility to its clients.


When Daniel McNaught founded Fluiditya Brighton, UK-based company that provides IT consulting for businesses, he set out to bring a fresh, relational take to the industry.

He saw an opportunity to build stronger client relationships than his competition, so he began networking like crazy. Fueled by his desire to create a culture similar to that of a digital startup, he quickly expanded the services Fluidity offered and began growing his team.


As great as it was to move the business forward, Daniel became overwhelmed with the “clunky” platform he was using. He knew it wasn’t going to cut it for the long term. 

“We were using a tool that, in theory, would add a lot of efficiencies,” he says. “The tools I looked at had strong demos that really covered so much of what you could hope for. The issue is that when the rubber hit the road, the product fell through.”

Some of the technical faults he found with his previous tools even created serious technical risks for his customers. He craved a more intuitive solution.

“One of the things with MSPs, in particular, is there’s so much noise,” he says. “You’re handling different technologies for lots of different customers, and we’re always looking for ways to simplify.”


A friend and fellow business owner recommended Accelo in 2018. Daniel immediately signed up for a trial on a Friday, and by midday Saturday, he noticed a striking difference in ease of usability and how much information was available to him at any given moment. 

“As an IT professional, I see how to implement products all the time, and I’ve never had a product that I’ve found easier to implement,” Daniel says.

Accelo provided seamless functionality compared to the tools he’d previously used — the email capture feature alone makes him never want to leave! The way the platform takes things you’re already doing and makes them super easy to track is his favorite element of the software.

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“I’m a great believer in intuitive and simplistic platforms. As you get comfortable [with Accelo], you can organically discover ways to add automation, improve it and streamline things.”

The Fluidity team no longer experiences vendor fatigue, either. Instead of having to keep up with multiple platforms and struggling to make them all work together, they turn to their single source of truth: Accelo. 

“You get a lot more fatigue by using a very complicated, noisy product than you get from using a clean platform like Accelo,” Daniel explains.


Using Accelo to live up to its name has paid off for this flourishing business.

Fluidity more than doubled its monthly revenue in the first year of using Accelo and has continued to power its customer relationships with the platform, doubling profits year over year from 2021 to 2022. 

Daniel attributes this tremendous success to having a platform that supports these relationships with robust features like retainer and ticket management, sales enablement and a client portal — a favorite amongst Fluidity customers. 

“One of the things I say as soon as I get in front of a new customer is that we believe people should enjoy the technology they use,” he points out. “And in Accelo, we’ve found a product that we certainly enjoy using. I want to show it off to the other clients I work with.”

When he uses Accelo in the field, Daniel says people envy how easy the platform looks. In fact, he often recommends it to his customers with professional services businesses because of its accessibility to the non-tech-savvy crowd.

Fun and easy factors aside, Accelo saved Fluidity from the devastating outcome far too many businesses reach.

"The previous solution let us down so badly,” Daniel recalls. “We may have gone out of business if we’d not found Accelo.”

The key to the lifesaving turnaround? Time!

Accelo has given Daniel and his team their valuable time back. Instead of spending up to three days per month manually updating disparate tools, they can focus on delivering high-quality customer service.

Fluidity’s productive consultants give customers a free monthly review via the client portal. This visibility has allowed the business to charge a higher hourly rate. Hence, the impressive increase in profitability! And, thanks to Accelo, Daniel expects this favorable cycle to remain.

The thing we want to achieve for our customers is fluidity — that organic agility to do what you do best. And Accelo really fits that for us. We love using it and it feels like a natural product because it’s designed for people.
Daniel McNaught, Founder

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