Housekeeping @ Accelo

Sep 14 2012 read

In preparation for our imminent re-launch, we've been doing a bit of housekeeping. Part of this process has involved removing expired trials, partly for performance, but mainly so that people who want to come back and try the new versions of our product will be able to without having the remenants of a long forgotten trial account hanging around.

Part of the housekeeping process has involved removing the email capture settings, and for some users who had email forwarding still turned on, they might be seeing bounce messages if they were still sending emails to long expired trials.

If you're getting emails saying things like the one below, you'll want to remove any mail forwarding rules that have been set up.

The process for removing rules will be the opposite of the instructions for setting up their forwarding:

Of course, the other option to unwinding your forwarding rules is to sign up for another trial of Accelo - just use the same domain name as you used before, and within 15 minutes or so emails should be flowing and being captured again!

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