Outstanding Invoice Email Reminder (New Feature)

27-Sep 2013

Don't you just hate chasing outstanding invoices and accounts? While there's always some clients who deliberately do the wrong thing, most of the time they're just busy like you are and tend to overlook things. That's why today, we're excited to announce a new feature in Accelo - the ability to automatically remind your clients that their account with you is outstanding.

Under the "Accounts & Rates" section of the Configuration screen you can now choose to turn on two handy Automatic Reminders to save you time and make sure your client's don't forget they've go an outstanding account.

  • Send a Reminder on Invoice Due Date
  • Automatically Email Account Statements

For more details on when and how they work, keep reading below.

Invoice Due Date Reminders

To help your clients remember to pay their accounts on time, you can now automatically send an email the morning their invoice is due - just tick one radio button and we'll do the rest for you!

When enabled, every morning at 8:30am Accelo will wake up and look at which invoices are still outstanding and due today. It will then automatically send an email to the client with the invoice attached, and if you've enabled Stripe or Authorize.net payments the client will also get a convenient link to pay the invoice via credit card. We use your system timezone to maximize the change the reminder lands in your client's mailboxes at the start of their day (and makes it onto their todo list).

Of course, when emails are sent out they have your business name in place of YourCompany. As one last bonus, it also tracks when clients open and click on links in these emails using Activity Event Notifications - so you can see if clients tell a little lie and say they never got the reminder ;-)

Automatic Account Statements

While Accelo has been able to send out statements to your clients with outstanding accounts for a while now, it still required you to remember to go to the screen, select which clients you wanted to send a statement too and then process the statements.

But, we know how busy you are and how much it sucks to do this, especially since you wouldn't need to if your clients would just pay you on time! So, we've automated it - now, you can automatically send statements to customers who have overdue accounts remindering them of what they owe you.

You can choose the frequency to send out statements:

  • If you choose to send statements weekly, each Monday morning at 10am (in your system timezone) we'll email a statement to everyone who has an invoice that is overdue by at least a 7 days (we aren't harassing people who've just gone overdue by a few days - would love to hear your comments and opinion on this though).
  • If you choose to send statements monthly, we'll automatically send out the statements on the 1st of the month at 10am to anyone who's got invoices overdue by at least a week.

When your client gets the statement in their inbox, we'll include short descriptions for each outstanding invoice and details of any part payments made. If you've integrated Stripe or Authorize.net, we'll also make it easy for them to pay you via credit card. 

Never again will you need to manually send clients an invoice reminder or their account statements. Let us do it for you! By automating these tasks, you save time, enable your team to focus resources on work that drives revenue, and improve efficiency. While there are a lot of benefits internally, setting automated reminders will help your clients as well. By sending a reminder at the same time each month, you are encouraging immediate action, creating a sense of urgency and establishing a cadence with your clients. Our automated invoice email reminders are easy to set up - try it for yourself today! 

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