Accept Payments from Your Clients with Authorize.Net

17-Sep 2013

Accelo is the best way to manage your client services. From sales, projects, retainers and issues, you can effectively track the time and work you do for clients. When it comes to getting paid, however, you’ve previously had to make your own arrangements. With checks fastly becoming irrelevant, businesses need an easy online payment solution. Through an Authorize.Net integration, Accelo now provides built-in payment processing. You can accept credit card payments securely, making it easier than ever to get paid for the work you do.

Process payments through a secure and reliable gateway

Businesses that want to receive payments online run into a roadblock with credit card processing. It is a complex process that involves many steps and parties. With solutions such as PayPal or Stripe, it’s possible to bypass the banks entirely. However, many businesses still use merchant accounts and want to minimize transaction fees. In order to provide the most extensive avenues for payment processing, Accelo has integrated with Authorize.Net. The integration provides the affordable and secure infrastructure needed to process online payments.

Accelo is fully encrypted and does not save credit card details. Accelo is PCI compliant, which means that no data is retained at any point in the process

Let your clients pay directly from their invoice or from the client portal

There are two ways clients can fulfill their payments through Accelo. When sending an invoice, your client can click on a link to pay via credit card. Accelo supports Mastercard, Visa and American Express, and the only fees you pay are the Authorize.Net fees. 

In addition to including a payment link in every invoice, your clients can also make payments through the Client Portal. Your Client Portal is customizable and allows clients to access information about their services. They can stay updated on their projects, add to the conversation and now-- they’ll be able to make direct payments.

Get started with Authorize.Net

In order to start accepting credit card payments from your clients, you’ll need to set up your account. With your Authorize.Net account, you can simply enter your API keys into the Account Settings page in Accelo and you’ll instantly be able to accept credit card payments from clients. 

If you’d like to learn more about setting up the integration, read our help site for more details.

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