Real-time Utilization Dashboard Now Available!

24-Dec 2015

Don't you hate that feeling of being in the dark, not knowing how productive things in your business are? As our Christmas present to all of our Accelo Premium users, we're giving you a brand new way to get real-time insights into what everyone is working on in your business.

Introducing our new Utilization Dashboard

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Looking Back and Forward
Our new Utilization Dashboard is all about showing you how busy the business is, and unlike other products that provide just historical reporting, Accelo lets you see both how busy your team have been as well as a real-time forecast of how busy they're going to be - all in one, easy to use, drill-down dashboard.

Handling Part-timers, Holidays & Vacations
The Accelo Utilization Dashboard gives you an accurate view into how busy your team is by incorporating the actual capacity of part time team members, public holidays and individual vacations. In Accelo, a staff member’s utilization % is a measure of how much work was logged (and/or forecast) compared with the hours set in their working week for that specific week. The column graph reflects a combined % view of utilization if you’re viewing by "weeks" or have more than 1 user included in the report.

Look Short or Long Term
Planning and analyzing data over shorter periods is made possible by switching the date setting to graph by days, rather than weeks. This date range feature also lets you adjust the number of columns, and center the report around a specific date rather than choosing precise dates each time.

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Choosing what is work
When analyzing utilization, it’s likely that sometimes you’ll want to focus on actual utilization (Logged Work), sometimes just forecast (Estimated) work, and occasionally both. The legend across the top defines each colour as Logged work or Estimated work, and each label is toggle-able so you can report on just the type you need.


Choosing your team
Real-time insight across the whole business is good, but there’s times you need to focus on a particular team, or users with certain skills. Adding users one by one is possible, but we trust the user filter options at the top of the report have got you covered: Here you can quickly swap in users based on groups, skills, division or manager. By default the report will load in staff of whom you’re the manager.

filter mgrMore than just a pretty graph

Each column can be selected to drill-down on the utilization for each staff member in that period, giving you extra insight and answering questions like “Who in the design team isn’t logging enough billable time?” or “Which engineers have some spare time next week?”

usertable2Besides indicating who is over or under-utilized for a given period, the user breakdown area also lets you click-thru to each user’s timesheet for further review of their work logged in that period. You can also remove users from the report by hitting the X button.

Coming soon..

Further insights on the health and performance of your business will be available early next year with the release of our Profitability Dashboard, where the billable value of your team's work can be compared with the internal costs across a period of days, weeks or months. Stay tuned for more updates here!

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