What Is Accelo? The Top Client Work Management Platform

By Chelsea Williams
Senior Copywriter
Nov 15 2022 read

Whether you’re launching a new company or you’ve been in business for years, your primary focus as an owner is likely to be your customers. It's critical to keep your business growing to better serve them. 

But amid day-to-day tasks, you probably aren’t finding much time to fully evaluate and strengthen your business operations, especially if you’re just getting ramped up.

That’s why many professional services businesses turn to Accelo, a complete client work management platform. Specifically designed with the needs of client-based businesses in mind,  Accelo helps teams maximize efficiency and minimize stress while increasing profitability.

Read on to learn more about why users are raving about Accelo.  

What Is Accelo? 

Accelo is a cloud-based client work management platform that provides an end-to-end solution for sales and quoting, project management, tickets, time tracking, billing, retainers and reporting. 

All of your essential information and communications live in one platform, which you can expand to meet your business’s specific needs with a range of native integrations and a powerful API.

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How Does Accelo Help Professional Service Businesses?

For a lot of service businesses, the promise of growth often overshadows the importance of operational efficiency, which could be detrimental to your bottom line. Implementing Accelo can help you balance your short-term revenue goals and long-term profitability. 

The average business using Accelo experiences a 46% increase in annual revenue. 

Let’s dive into a few impressive Accelo success stories.

Comit Developers

Comit Developers is a successful web design and development firm in Lafayette, Louisiana. The business turned to Accelo in 2014, when several project management platforms had come up short in terms of time logging, available automations and retainer management.

With Accelo, the Comit team has streamlined its ticketing process, revamped how it handles sales opportunities and gotten a hold on resource management with billable rate tracking.

Most impressively, Comit Developers avoided headaches in the process of acquiring the website management division of another local business, Bizzuka, in 2022. The new employees and client accounts fell right into Accelo’s workflows thanks to its intuitive design and straightforward Retainers module.

Read more about how Comit Developers uses Accelo. 


Tambla is a human capital management solution provider out of North Sydney, Australia. Since HR technology is their specialty, the team at Tambla has an appreciation for efficient software — and they found it in Accelo.

Aiming to combine project management and ticketing in one system, Tambla’s leadership searched for a solution that would expand their visibility and promote transparency amongst their growing team.

Using Accelo’s convenient trigger automations, smooth task assignments and robust utilization reports, Tambla has doubled in size and revenue, quadrupled its project turnover and increased its recurring work by 15%.

Read more about how Tambla uses Accelo.


Tegrita is a marketing technology consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. They help businesses streamline processes, analyze data and manage campaigns, but their tech stack wasn’t making it easy to serve clients.

In 2018, the CRO went in search of cost-efficient software that could help Tegrita increase its number of client commitments. Accelo fit the bill, helping the consultancy manage tasks and projects more simply while giving the leadership team the data and visibility they needed to avoid unnecessary hiring and reduce stress for employees.

As a result, 90% of Tegrita’s clients are now committed to a set number of hours per quarter, and 60% of its revenue comes from those who have committed to at least four consecutive quarters.

Read more about how Tegrita uses Accelo.

Other Service Businesses Benefiting from Accelo

Beyond these impressive examples, Accelo has helped countless other service businesses meet and exceed their goals.

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Accelo Reviews and Recognition 

Accelo has been consistently highly rated on top review sites like G2, SoftwareReviews and Capterra, with users singing the praises of the client work management platform.  

Most recently, Accelo earned 13 new badges in G2's Fall 2023 Awards. This speaks to how much we value our clients and how thoroughly we respond to their needs.

On G2, users have been calling Accelo "a powerful sales and management software," "productivity-booster,” "efficient real-time task tracker" and "fantastic onboarding platform" with “intuitive design.” The volume of glowing reviews culminated in Accelo receiving a “Users Love Us” badge.


"You won't regret betting on Accelo, a software that exemplifies remarkable fluidity in its operation, to manage your company's data, projects and performance metrics." - G2 user Henadzi R.


SoftwareReviews awarded Accelo a Gold Medal for Best Professional Services Automation in 2021. The platform was also recognized at the Vendor Capability Awards 2021 for Breadth of Features.

Moreover, Capterra shortlisted Accelo as an Emerging Favorite in:

  • Advertising Agency Software
  • Online CRM Software
  • Expense Report Software
  • Workflow Management Software
  • Construction CRM Software
  • Time and Expense Software
  • Professional Services Automation Software
  • Resource Management Software

This recognition is based on Accelo user reviews on Capterra's website. 


The Efficient Software Platform Your Business Needs

It’s clear why Accelo has become so popular among professional services businesses. Users have been raving about its wide range of features, including CRM, project management, time and expense tracking, resource management and much more. 

Schedule a demo to find out why Accelo is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a solution to help you manage your client work more smoothly and efficiently. 


About the Author


Chelsea Williams is Senior Copywriter at Accelo, where she shares unique insights with service professionals and tells user stories via blogs, eBooks, industry reports and more. She has over 15 years of B2B and B2C writing experience — primarily in tech, sales, education and healthcare. Chelsea is an AWAI-certified Master Copywriter trained in brand storytelling and microcopy.

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